Chembarathi: Here’s why Krishnan could be the right person to save Anand and Kalyani’s marriage

Krishnan’s optimism has led him to Guruji for help in cancelling the weddings planned by Akhila. His behaviour is proving that he just might be the right person to solve the problems at Trichamabarth.

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March 28, 2021



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In a recent episode of Chembarathi, we saw Sivaramakrishnan visit Guruji, seeking help to stop Akhila’s plan to conduct two marriages on Anand’s birthday. Krishnan’s involvement in the issue is proof of how good a father he is for Anand. His direct request to the most respected Guruji makes us wonder about the extent he is ready to travel to for Anand and Kalyani. Guruji, who is a virtuous man agrees to Krishnan’s request.

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Krishnan has always been in support of Anand and Kalyani’s marriage. Ever since the duo broke the news of their relationship, Krishnan has been happy about it. Being a simple man, he respected his son’s choices and decided to side with him in his happiness although it was clear as sky that his wife Akhila would stand against it. Krishnan even went behind his wife’s back to support Anand and Kalyani with the help they needed to carry on their marriage.

Krishnan in Chembarathi
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Fans of Chembarathi love Krishnan and his respectable behaviour. Not only does he stand with his son with his choices, but he also respects them. Krishnan never judged Anand or even scolded him that he got into a relationship with the housemaid, which simply made him even more respectable. Unlike Krishnan, Akhila is someone who goes by the rules and virtues of the family name and thus, wouldn’t allow anything like it to happen under her rule.

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Now, Akhila is closer than ever to finding out about Anand and Kalyani’s marriage and it is a tense environment at Trichambarath. However, Krishnan manages to remain calm and continually come up with plans and ideas to keep the young couple safe. Lately, even when Akhila decided to marry off Kalyani and Anand to separate them, we saw Krishnan try a hand at reversing the decision by talking to her. Although he failed, he simply didn’t give up and came up with a new idea to block the plan. He headed to Guruji and asked for his assistance to somehow put a stop to these weddings.

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As of now, Krishnan seems just as helpless as Anand or Kalyani is about the situation. But unlike anyone else in the family, Krishnan keeps hope that he will find some way to block these weddings and help the young couple. His optimistic and positive outlook is making him stand out from the rest and it is making us wonder if he will really be the one to solve all problems at Trichamabarath. After all, Anand couldn’t ask for a better father and Kalyani couldn’t get better aid in harsh weathers like these.

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Krishnan’s persistent attitude and his understanding of the people around him are sure to come in handy. Meanwhile, his control over the family never seems to lose and he could put that to use in some extreme situations too. There is no wrong in imagining him using his alpha powers if Akhila sticks strongly to her plan which will ruin the peace at Trichamabarath. Anyway, it is a waiting game to see what happens next in the show but we know for sure that Krishnan wouldn’t simply let go of the situation without a fight.

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