Chembarathi: Here’s why Akhila’s punishment for Vilasini is worse than going to jail

With Aravind given responsibility to check on Vilasini’s work as a house help, the day isn’t far away when Vilasini will wish to be in jail instead.

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January 20, 2021



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In the last few episodes of Chembarathi, we saw Akhila’s wrath, thanks to Vilasini and the crew’s failed crooked plans. While Vilasini waited to hear what Akhila’s verdict will be, Akhila called upon Aravind. Later, Akhila told Sujatha to summon Vilasini and Kalyani at once. Even though they all find their way fast, Akhila questions Kalyani for not being on time and makes a pass on her for not concentrating on her job.

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To everyone’s surprise, Akhila informs the family about hiring a new house help. Vilasini is the happiest here, as it felt like Akhila was planning to replace Kalyani. However, the real shock comes when Akhila informs that it is Vilasini who is being chosen as the new house help. This seems to be the perfect punishment for stealing the ancestral chain. Akhila goes on to explain that she chose to give her the house help’s job by not sending her to jail. To this, Vilasini replies, “it’s better to work here as a house help than going to jail”.

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Aravind and the other family members excluding Ganga are overjoyed on hearing Akhila’s verdict. Now, Vilasini has three choices in front of her. Either she could accept a ticket and visa offered by Akhila and go to her husband in Dubai, or accept her theft claim and go to jail. The third option is to work as a house help for the family. Vilasini, being the crooked one who refuses to leave Trichambarath so easily, agrees to the third one. This is a questionable decision as Akhila gives Aravind the duty to check if Vilasini performs her duties diligently.

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We all know Aravind well and his relationship with Vilasini. The first thing he does is ask her to wear her uniform and take up the job of washing everyone’s clothes. Aravind’s attitude irks Vilasini, who is now forced to do anything he says. Aravind could really make Vilasini’s work tougher with every passing day. Both he and Anand hold grudges against her for pouncing at Kalyani from time to time, and that could all reflect in their enforcement of her work.

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Considering all the harm Vilasini has caused to everyone at the house, including Anand and even her co-help Sujatha, everyone could keep adding to her misery. Starting off with washing everyone’s clothes, the day isn’t far away when she will be asked to clean the floor. Having been forced to say goodbye to her value in the household, Vilasini will soon wonder if it would have been better to go to jail instead of this suffering.

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