Chembarathi: Here’s what makes Anand and Kalyani one of the strongest couples ever

With all the challenges they face from their families, Anand and Kalyani’s strong love continues to inspire us.

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April 3, 2021



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We all love watching Kalyani and Anand in Chembarathi. The duo is undoubtedly one of the most lovable couples on TV. The duo shares a beautiful relationship and their love for one another has made us all root for them. Kalyani and Anand are, however, on the receiving end of hate from numerous people in the family. Even with the disapprovals from people at Trichambarath like Vilasni, Priyanka, and Akhila, the couple still manages to fight their way through, making us all wonder how far they can go for each other without breaking down.

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Constantly facing questions from people around them, Anand and Kalyani’s love story is truly a rebellious one. We couldn’t expect anything different from this relationship as the duo’s personal backgrounds couldn’t be any more contrasting. The duo knew right from the start that Anand’s rich and prestigious family would never accept Kalyani, a housemaid, as his wife. Yet the duo’s undying love and care for each other made them dare to try. Beyond the barriers of status and societal approval, the adorable couple from Chembarathi is surely a source of inspiration for all the couples out there.

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The duo faces troubles daily and seems to have found the will to fight it all. Most recently, we saw Akhila gain some idea regarding the duo’s secret relationship and she decided to separate the two. As Akhila came up with a plan of marrying off Kalyani to someone else, Anand quickly intervened and found a way to put it all away. Although he doesn’t want his mother to know anything about his marriage with Kalyani, he is daring enough to intervene in such situations risking his place in the family.

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Anand’s daring choices and his unconditional care for Kalyani make us wonder about the extent he could go to, to protect her along with their marriage. Now, it is not okay to say that Anand is the only courageous one in the relationship. Kalyani is calm, composed, and probably the most innocent person at Trichambarath. However, when it comes to her love, she knows the right things to do and what to stand up for. Kalyani is constantly on the defence against Dasan’s disapproval of her relationship. Although she respects her father and fears him too, she never lets him convince her to ditch Anand and always stands up for her love.

Anand and Kalyani discuss their doubts regarding Priyanka (source:ZEE5)
Source: ZEE5

We have seen many couples on numerous TV serials, but Anand and Kalyani truly stand out as they continue to fight for their love, relentlessly.  Soon, the duo’s secret will be out, and we can’t wait to see how Akhila and Dasan react to it. However, we know for sure that the duo will never leave each other’s side even at the hardest hour as they are truly a strong couple.

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