Chembarathi: Here’s how the wedding fiasco could end Ganga’s time in Trichambarath

With Sanju making a surprise appearance at the wedding, here’s how this could turn out to be Ganga’s last act at Trichambarath.

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April 8, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw Priyanka arrive at the wedding hall. Blinded by her confidence, which has turned almost arrogant at this point, Priyanka barged into Akhila and revealed her big plan. Having planned the whole event herself, she revealed her real self by threatening to stop the marriage from happening. However, an unimpressed Akhila let her stay at the wedding hall which in turn came in handy. Ganga is caught red-handed and Priyanka’s big plan is falling apart. Here’s how the event is going to affect the future of the evil sisters of Nagampadam.

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It is okay to say that Priyanka became almost over-confident with her plan. She firmly believed that this plan was never going to fail, unlike her earlier ones and this has led her straight to trouble. Instead of coming in unnoticed and safe, Priyanka announced her arrival by directly walking up to Akhila and making a speech on how she will destroy the wedding. Little did she know that things were about to go upside down for her within a few minutes.

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As Ganga continues to get ready for the wedding, Sanju makes an entry at the wedding. Priyanka was convinced that he was dead by now, and she didn’t bother checking up on his status with her goons. Having somehow managed to escape from the goons, he came running straight to Akhila and reported everything he knew about Priyanka’s plan. Having found out that Ganga’s fingerprint impression was fake, Akhila unleashes her anger on Ganga.

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By now, we are sure that the plan has gone down the drain. Akhila is someone who hates being lied to and this is probably the third or fourth time Ganga is being caught with some mischief. Let’s not forget that Akhila was already having doubts about Ganga as she was hesitant to call her parents to the wedding and just a day ago was even arrested by the police. Put all together, Akhila can easily connect the dots and head straight to Priyanka.

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It is only a matter of time until she figures out that Ganga is Priyanka’s sister and this will infuriate Akhila even more. As of now, Ganga’s safety is in doubt and we will have to wait and watch what moves Priyanka has up her sleeves. Either way, this event could well be the last act Ganga does as part of the Trichambarath family.

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