Chembarathi: Here’s how the sudden drift in Trichambarath might affect Kalyani

With the chances of Aravind and Nandana falling out climbing high, here’s how the current drift in the family could affect Kalyani.

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February 15, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, we saw the situation get tense as Nandana demanded separate shares of the company for her husband. Unsurprisingly, Anand agreed to the demand which led to a huge blowup between Nandana and Aravind. To our surprise, Aravind claimed that he has no problems working under Anand even after facing the disrespectful behaviour shown towards him. However, the damage is done, and things have begun to go downhill already at Trichambarath.

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Aravind’s love for his brother is admirable. Even after all the problems, he was shocked to know that Nandana made the call to ask for his shares in the company. Even though Nandana’s decision to demand the same is understandable, it still comes with complications as it is happening according to Priyanka’s plans. Let’s not forget that Priyanka is the one who started the feud in the first place.

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Currently, there are chances of the problem resolving itself as the two brothers have identified that there are no hard feelings between them. But on the other hand, the situation could also escalate for the worse as Nandana’s interference was not taken lightly by Aravind. The chances of the couple falling apart cannot be taken away.

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Meanwhile, Kalyani has been unaffected by any of the proceedings happening. However, things could start affecting her if someone finds out about her conversation with Nandana. Even though she advised Nandana as a friend, it is possible that people at Trichambarath might see it otherwise. A tactical intervention from Ganga or Vilasini could put Kalyani’s position in danger with the fact that she is the one who told Nandana to talk to Anand.

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As of now, both Nandana and Kalyani are safe, but not for long. In one scenario, Nandana has a fall-out with Aravind, which leads her to lose trust in the family. In another case, a third person could find and report Kalyani’s involvement with Nandana’s plan that went wrong. In either case, the chances of Kalyani’s name being dragged into the feud is high and for someone who is already in the bad books of Akhila, this could turn out to be a big issue.

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