Chembarathi: Here’s how Sahadevan’s return to Trichambarath could turn out for Vilasini and Ganga

Sahadevan has returned to Trichamabarth and seems to have some things in his mind for Vilasini and Ganga.

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February 20, 2021



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In a previous episode of Chembarathi, we saw Sahadevan make a visit to Trichmabarath. Sooner than later, his phone call with Krishnan announced that he is here following his brother’s request and he means business. His plans seem set as he looks forward to taking Vilasini away from the family. Earlier, we also saw him lock horns with Ganga in their first meeting itself, leading us to think that his arrival could have some serious effects at Trichambarath.

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By now, it is clear that Sahadevan’s motives seem to be to move Vilasini away from the house and stop her from causing further issues. Now, after a couple of conversations between him and the family members, things seem a bit unclear. We saw Sahadevan meet Sivaramakrishnan and talk about his conversation with Vilasini and why it left him wondering about the happenings at Trichambarath.

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For some time, Sahadevan believes that Vilasini was just trying to protect Anand from committing a sin by marrying a servant. However, Sivaramakrishnan’s reply that Vilasini tried to kill Kalyani seems to have changed the dynamics of this. Krishnan’s explanation that it was Anand who pursued Kalyani and not vice versa has put some light on the issue for Sahadevan to think about.

Now, Sahadevan is a straightforward man who loves his family more than anything. Just like Akhila, he too cares for the family name and its values. Currently, he is disturbed by the happenings at Trichambarath, but him joining hands with Vilasini and defending her seems a long shot. His decision to take Vilasini back to Dubai with him seems to stand. This could be a bad thing for Vilsini, but good for the rest of the family.

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Considering Sahadevan’s character, there is a chance that he might have a talk with Anand over Kalyani. Sahadevan, who respects the family values, is sure to tell him to step back from the relationship. What Sahadevan does of his love for the family, could come in handy for Ganga. Coming to her, she started off on the wrong foot with him and there seems little chance that he will support her in any manner.

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As things stand right now, Sahadevan’s decision to take Vilasini back to Dubai seems inevitable and his bad relationship with Ganga is also positive in general. His comeback to the family seems to end up negatively for the wicked duo, however, there are chances this may change based on his thoughts on Anand’s relationship.

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