Chembarathi: Here’s how Sahadevan perfectly represents the patriarchal side of the Trichambarath family

Unlike Krishnan, Sahadevan still holds strong to his family traditions and thus becomes a perfect depiction of the family’s patriarchal face.

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February 24, 2021



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Fans of Chembarathi know the Trichambarath family inside out by now. From their lifestyle to quirks, we all know how each character is unique in their own way. However, there are some things that bind them all together and the family name is one of them. Be it the leading woman Akhilandeshwari or the wicked Vilasini, almost everyone in the family respects their ancestors and traditions and blindly follows them to date. The newest arrival Sahadevan is no different when it comes to this matter.

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Sahadevan’s return to the family was a surprise to many. His intentions seemed clear and his role in the family was quickly established well. Even though he is a loyal brother to Krishnan, the two aren’t alike and have varied ideologies. However, this doesn’t come as a surprise as it is visible in his words and actions that he values the family name and its beliefs more than anything and his actions are altered by these beliefs.

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Krishnan is a free soul. He loves his family but isn’t all abiding by its traditions. Even though he cares for the family name and its goodwill, Krishnan isn’t afraid to change the ancestral traditions. By now, the ancestors of Trichambarath had a royal and patriarchal system. Now, the family is led by Akhila and Krishnan is completely game with this. Even though he is the head of the family on paper, he is ready to step back and follow his wife’s orders as he regards her better at the job than him.

Now, Sahadevan sits on the opposite side of this. Unlike Krishnan, Sahadevan still believes in the patriarchal system and it is visible in his actions all along. Upon his entry, he met Ganga and was immediately put off by the manner she treated him, even though he was a stranger to her. In a later stage, we saw him have a heated conversation with Ganga and Jayanthi, leading up to him slapping Jayanthi to teach her a lesson. He has a belief in his authority over the women in the family.

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Sahadevan’s arrival was a mission to take back Vilasini and she never wanted to go back to Dubai. But he seemed adamant on the point, that he assured Krishnan that she will be out of Trichambarath, without even consulting her. Sahadevan’s conversation with Anand made it clear that he was against Anand marrying a housemaid and he verbally stated that the action would ruin the family name, once again reassuring that he cares more about the family traditions more than anything.

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In an era where men like Krishnan and Anand are breaking the stereotypes and are standing up against traditions for what is right, Sahadevan rightly represents the past of the family. It is safe to say that he is the perfect depiction of the patriarchal face of the Trichambarath family.

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