Chembarathi: Here’s how Guruji could have single-handedly stopped the failed wedding from taking place

The all-knowing Guruji let the wedding happen even after understanding that some things were not right. He could have used Akhila’s belief in him to save the Trichamabarath family from yet another failed wedding.

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April 10, 2021



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People of the Trichambarath family from Chembarathi are value-driven. By now, we all know that the family is highly vulnerable to beliefs and virtues. The members are religious, and this drives them forward in tough situations. Akhilandeshwari is arguably the biggest believer of the lot and her belief in Guruji proves the same. She consults him for the slightest of inconveniences and somehow, he always seems to have a solution. Each time a suggestion works, her belief in him goes up and this has continued to a point that she would do anything that he suggests.

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Most recently we saw Akhila invite Guruji over at Trichambarath in connection to Anand’s marriage. Now, he came and checked the horoscopes of Kalyani and Ganga and left without revealing much. Now, after days of this, the scheduled wedding between Anand and Ganga is crumbling down and Guruji is watching this from the side. While he is not happy because the wedding is failing, he is in joy as he knew that this wasn’t the wedding that should have happened in the first place.

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If it wasn’t supposed to happen, then why didn’t he say something in the first place? Let’s go back to the time when he visited Trichambarath. We along with the Guruji sensed something was fishy when we realised that the fingerprints of Ganga and Kalyani are similar. After failing to recognise the difference between the two, Guruji tells Akhila that they both look like fine matches for Anand. However, on his way out, he tells Krishnan and Aravind that something is wrong. After Aravind asks him to tell Akhila that, he replies with a smile and states that Akhila won’t be able to accept it and leaves.

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Swamiji and Akhila in Chembarathi
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Based on his words, Guruji was well aware of the malpractice happening there but chose to remain silent. The wedding between Anand and Ganga was set up based on the same. Now, luckily enough, Sanju escapes Priyanka’s custody and rushes to Akhila and informs about the foul practice happening, stopping the wedding. While it all happens, Guruji smirks from the corner almost knowing that this was expected by him. Only if he had explained to Akhila about such events taking place, the whole wedding fiasco could have been avoided and the Trichambarath family could have dodged yet another failed wedding function. However, it is all fine now and hopefully, Guruji has some good solutions to resolve the problems that have arisen now.

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