Chembarathi: From Krishnan to Ganga, these supporting characters make the show much more interesting!

Here are five characters who make our favourite serial Chembarathi all the more interesting to follow.

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February 1, 2021



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Our favourite serial Chembarathi has a complex story that takes us all through an emotional rollercoaster. The story, which revolves around Akhilandeshwari, her son Anand and maid Kalyani, takes the stage in the beautiful household of Thrichambarath and it is the people living there that make up the soul of the story. From Vilasini’s crooked plans to the fun-filled moments of Aravind and Nandana, we love watching these characters play out their parts beautifully. Let’s take a moment to look at all those supporting characters that make the show so much more interesting.

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If there is one character in Chembarathi who is loved by everyone, it has to be Krishnan. From being an extremely supportive husband to be a good friend to his two sons, he is the epitome of love. Krishnan is always aware of what’s right and wrong and this alone gets him the respect he deserves. He gives the best advice and is always calm in whatever situation he is thrown at. It isn’t wrong to state that he is the only perfect character in the show.

Krishnan in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)


Like father, like son. Aravind is calm and caring, just like his father and we love to watch him at his best. He is a loyal brother and a grateful son. To top it off, his funny one-liners and his cute moments with his wife are a joy to watch. Aravind is a happy soul and he is a great member to have in any family.


Even though she is just another maid at Thrichambarath, Sujatha knows the people in there well. She is a sister figure to Kalyani and acts like a best friend too. Sujatha knows how to keep up with the inhabitants and she has her way with it. From being Kalyani’s confidante to helping flush out Vilasini’s wicked plans, she is a joyful character that deserves more love.

Sujatha with Kalyani in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

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Nandana has had her fair share of misunderstandings and bad decisions, but she indeed is a good person. Nandana is composed and moreover, friendly to everyone. Nandana loves Aravind and they share a serene bond. Nandana’s smart and charismatic moments are a treat for the audience.

Nandana and Ganga
Nandana and Ganga in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)


Ganga gets a lot of hate at Thrichambarath and deserves it too. However, she isn’t as petty or wicked as Vilasini or Priyanka. Ganga just plays along with their plans to make her way into the family. Even though she’s not the smartest, she is charismatic, and her actions define that. Ganga’s interest in Anand makes the show all the more interesting to follow.

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