Chembarathi February 20 Written Update: Sahadevan slaps Jayanthi

Sahadevan slaps Jayanthi. To know what happens next on Chembarathi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


February 19, 2021



4 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Sahadevan shares Vilasini’s concerns with Sivaramakrishnan. Sivaramakrishnan tells Sahadevan about Vilaisni’s deeds. Meanwhile, Priyanka lashes out at Jayanthi leaving her scared. 

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Kalyani tells Anand that Aravind is upset about something and Nandana has left the house. She asks Anand to dig deeper into the same. Anand tries to get romantic with Kalyani. Meanwhile, Akhila gets upset when Vilasini leaves the house. She tells Sivaramakrishnan that Vilasini was the eyes of Trichambarath and that there were people who were scared of her. Sivaramakrishnan tries to console Akhila. He tells Akhila not to worry about silly things. Akhila tells Sivaramakrishnan to make sure that they get started with the preparations for Ganga and Anand’s marriage. Sivaramakrishnan is stunned on hearing Akhila’s words, but he chooses to ignore it. 

Sahadevan meets Anand and tells him to be more responsible for his actions as it is affecting the name of the family. Anand is stunned when Sahadevan speaks with him about Kalyani. He tries to put Anand to a test to know if he is serious about his commitment towards Kalyani. Anand tells Sahadevan that Kalyani is as important to him as his parents and he will take care of her with his life. Sahadevan is happy to hear Anand’s words. He wishes Anand all the best and promises to back him if needed. Anand is overjoyed on hearing Sahadeva’s words. Dasan playfully mocks Aniyankuttan when he sits down for his online class. Kalyani makes tea for Dasan. At this time, Kalyani gets a call from Anand. Kalyani gets scared when she notices that Dasan is watching her. She goes to the kitchen and tells Anand that she will call him back. Anand asks Kalyani to come out of the house to meet him, but to Anand’s surprise, Dasan meets him outside the house. Anand is stunned on seeing Dasan. Dasan begs Anand to forget Kalyani he asks Anand to end his relationship with Kalyani as Dasan won’t be able to look Akhila in the eye if she gets to know about the same. The next day, Sahadevan approaches Ganga and Jayanthi and gives them a piece of his mind. He slaps Jayanthi for trying to put things into Vilasini’s mind. Ganga reassures Jayanthi. Meanwhile, Kalyani apologises to Anand for not being able to meet him yesterday. Anand tells Kalyani about his meeting with Dasan the night before. Kalyani is shocked on hearing his words.

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