Chembarathi February 18 Written Update: Sahadevan leaves from Trichambarath with Vilasini

Sahadevan leaves from Trichambarath with Vilasini. To know what happens next on Chembarathi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


February 17, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Vijitha lashes out at Karunan for criticising Deepan. Meanwhile, Manjima gets uneasy when Lathika purchases jewellery for Karthika. Later, Anandu criticises Arun for the same. 

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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, a car arrives at Trichamabarath. Jayanthi goes to check who has arrived. A stranger arrives at Trichamabarath. He meets Ganga and tells asks her about the members of the house. The stranger asks Ganga who she is. Ganga tells him that she is the eldest daughter-in-law of the house. The stranger tells Ganga that she cannot be the eldest daughter-in-law of Trichambarath. Ganga argues with him. Meanwhile, Akhila and Sivaramakrishnan spot the stranger and recognise him. Sahadevan, Sivaramakrishnan’s brother hugs him and exchanges pleasantries with the other members of the family. He tells Sivaramakrishnan that he is here to take Vilasini to her house. He tells Sivaramakrishnan that he was here for a business meeting. Akhila feels odd when Sahadevan takes Vilasini and leaves the house

Akhila shares her concerns with Sivaramakrishnan. Sivaramakrishnan assures her that there is nothing to worry and that he just wanted to visit Vilasini’s house as he has arrived at his hometown. Akhila questions Sivaramakrishnan about Sahadevan’s arrival. She asks him if he is the one who summoned Sahadevan. Meanwhile, Ganga goes to meet Priyanka and shares the happenings at Trichambarath with her. Priyanka tells Ganga that this is a planned move from Sivaramakrishnan’s end to get Vilasini away from the house. Later, Akhila gets suspicious of Sivaramakrishnan. At this time, Sivaramakrishnan gets a call from Sahadevan. He tells Akhila that he is getting a business call. He attends Sahadevan’s call. Sivaramakrishnan plans his next move with Sahadevan. Meanwhile, Aniyankuttan shares his joy with Kalyani about Vilasini’s absence from Trichambarath. Dasan overhears their conversation and gives a piece of his mind to both his children. Aniyankuttan gets furious about Dasan’s attitude, but he controls his anger. Kalyani gets a call from Anand. Anand asks Kalyani to meet him outside the house. Kalyani rushes to Anand’s side. They share a romantic moment. Kalyani hurries back home before Dasan finds out she is away from home. Later, Sahadevan meets Sivaramakrishnan. Sahadevan tells Sivaramakrishnan that he needs some answers from him. He tells Sivaramakrishnan about his conversation with Vilasini and why it left him wondering about the happenings at Trichambarath.

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