Chembarathi: Dasan might be against Kalyani’s wishes, but he’s indeed a good father

Dasan is a caring father to Kalyani and a loyal servant to the Trichambarath family, who is often made to choose between the two. Although he loves his daughter, it is hard for him to let her live by her likings.

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March 25, 2021



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In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Akhila upsets Kalyani by deciding to marry her off to someone else. Akhila invites Rishi to Trichambarath to meet Kalyani and propose marriage. Thrown off by the advancements, Kalyani is unable to speak as Akhila imposes the decision on her while Dasan hums in agreement with the proposal. Akhila’s joy is understandable as she has finally found a way to get Kalyani away from her son, but Dasan is clearly sad about the proceedings but joins in anyway.

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For months now, we have continuously seen Dasan speak with Kalyani regarding her relationship with Anand. From time to time, he keeps asking her to forget Anand and at times insults her over the same. However, we have never seen him force any decision upon her. He tries his best to make her understand the grave danger in such a relationship which he thinks she is mindfully ignoring.

Dasan and Kalyani
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Dasan is a lovable character. He is a good father, no matter what. He only wishes good for his daughter but is forced to make her forget Anand due to his belief system. Dasan has always been a servant of the Trichambarath family and considers them his gods. For him, it is impossible to even imagine that Kalyani is in a relationship with a member of the family that has fed him all this while. He strongly believes in his virtues and thinks that it is selfish of her to act upon her desire.

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Over time, we have seen Dasan trying to convey the same onto Kalyani and fail miserably. Most recently, we saw him try to convince her to promise the deity at the temple that she would forget Anand. However, Kalyani is too serious about her marriage with Anand and has proved that she would never back out. In a way, Dasan is also aware of the same and that is why he keeps a soft side open at times of such conversations.

Dasan and Kalyani
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Dasan has proved that he can be a loving father even when not agreeing with his daughter’s likings. For example, when Akhila was close to finding the photo of Anand and Kalyani, Dasan faked a heartache to distract everyone and saved his daughter from Akhila’s rage in an instance, proving that he still cares about his daughter. However, it is hard to imagine how he would react once he knows about Kalyani and Anand’s marriage. Would he be in joy thinking about his daughter’s secure future or be angry at the fact that she went against his words? Let’s wait and watch.

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