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Chembarathi: As Vilasini turns more vicious with a murder attempt on Akhila, what’s next?

Shrudi Shyam

May 11, 2021

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Vilasini is turning more dangerous in Priyanka’s company. Read on to know what their plans might be.

Trichambarath family in Chembarathi is a very complicated one. On one hand, the mother-son duo, Akhilandeshwari and Anand, who love each other more than anyone in the world are separated due to petty ego issues. On the other hand, sisters Akhilandeshwari and Vilasini are still together despite Vilasini’s multiple attempts at ruining her happiness. Why? Because either Akhilandeshwari becomes naive when it comes to her dear sister, or Vilasini is as sly as a fox and just doesn’t get caught. Either way, her new partnership with Priyanka is surely going to be a deadly one.

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In the recent episodes of Chembarathi, we saw Akhilandeshwari is all alone at Trichambarath after Anand left the house because of her. Vilasini and Priyanka, who saw this as an opportunity, thought of striking right when the iron is hot. Earlier Vilasini was just manipulating Akhila mentally, and now she’s gone to the extent of trying to kill her own sister!

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Recently, we saw Priyanka give Vilasini a vial of poison to be fed to Akhilandeshwari. Vilasini took it without any hesitations or second thoughts and was ready to end her sister’s life. She mixed it with Akhila’s medicine, making the latter drink it. But we saw a ray of hope when Akhila found the taste to be weird and almost spat it out. As it turns out, it wasn’t a single-dose poison but a slow poison.

A still from Chembarathi
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Vilasini and Priyanka have been planning ways to dethrone Akhilandeshwari for quite some time. While Vilasini wants to take over and become the matriarch of Trichambarath, Priyanka just wants to see Akhilandeshwari suffer. And by teaming up, there’s a high chance for them to succeed, especially now that Anand and Kalyani are not there in Trichambarath.

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Vilasini will surely administer the slow poison in one way or another and might end up causing a lot of damage to Akhila unless someone interferes and stops her from doing so. From what we understand, their whole plan is to either kill Akhilandeshwari or make her reach a state where she can neither look after the business, nor her house. And if Akhila is saved after getting a few doses inside her, that might leave an effect on her health as well.

A still from Chembarathi
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Moreover, Priyanka and Vilasini might also use the current situation, that is Anand and Akhila’s separation, combined with Akhila’s stay order against Anand’s project, as a means to frame Anand. If they succeed in either killing Akhila or making her bedridden, they can easily put all the blame on Anand. This way they’d really be able to get full ownership of Trichambarath and Anand’s company.

A still from Chembarathi
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