Chembarathi: Anand’s big revelation should push Akhila to stop and think about her decisions

After months of trying, Anand has finally revealed his secret to Akhila. This could be the perfect time for her to look around and make an informed choice without submitting to her ego.

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April 13, 2021



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The latest wedding fiasco in Chembarathi has led to some quick escalations and the Trichambarath family is in turmoil. Akhila’s adamant decision to marry off Kalyani and Anand to different people has backfired as she finally learned the truth about Ganga. After months of trying, Anand finally decided to step up and reveal some big secrets to his mother. Although with some fear, he informed Akhila about Ganga’s secret and the fact that he and Kalyani are already a married couple. Devastated by the revelations, Akhila breaks down and tries to contemplate the situation.

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Akhila is smart but her ego always has the better of her. The latest events are proof of the fact that she doesn’t think things through and never really cares about what others think. Although Anand is her son, she never really considered taking opinions from him about his marriage. She single-handedly decided that he will marry Ganga and driven by Priyanka’s manipulative words, she set it us as soon as possible. Now, this one incident reveals everything wrong with Akhila.

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Akhila is arguably the strongest one in her family, but she is easily manipulated. She values her family name over everything else and this often leads her to act in a dictatorial manner. While making decisions as she pleases and protecting her family from others by pushing people away, she has it all mixed up. It is evident to us by now that she never really stops to look at the bigger picture. Her decisions are timely and swift, often missing out on the greater good.

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Most recently, she decided that it was high time she gets Anand to forget Kalyani, and decided to get him married to Ganga. Now, she never considered fully investigating Ganga or her family and decided to go through it. This led to the fact that she was the most shocked when the police revealed Ganga is Priyanka’s sister. Although the marriage is off, the question remains in the air whether Akhila would accept Kalyani as her daughter-in-law or not.

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Based on the escalations that took place, Akhila must keep aside her emotions and think clearly for once. Unlike in the past, this could be the one time she could set things right by just looking around her. She can clearly see that the whole family is accepting of Kalyani as she would clearly be the ideal partner for Anand. Instead of clinging to her ego like always, this revelation could be a reminder for her to stop and reconsider her decisions.

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