Chembarathi: Akhila’s trust in Guruji only brings out the self-contradictory side of her

With Guruji failing to understand the differences between Kalyani and Ganga’s horoscopes, it is time for Akhila to reconsider her belief in his words as it affects the people around her.

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April 2, 2021



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People of the Trichambarath family from Chembarathi are extremely religious. The family is driven by values and religious beliefs. Akhilandeshwari is arguably the biggest believer of the lot and is the one to take the most help from sages and priests in making day-to-day decisions. Although often mocked for her superstitious behaviour, she sticks to the words of Guruji, whom she considers to be her spiritual guide. While most of the times, this has been good for her and the people around her, there have been times when problems could have been avoided if she kept away from Guruji

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Most recently we saw Akhila invite Guruji over at Trichambarath to check the horoscopes of Kalyani and Ganga. She wanted to confirm which was good and which was fake of the two. However, Guruji failed miserably at recognising the fake one and informed Akhila that there was not much difference between Kalyani and Ganga. Just like Krishnan, Aravind and Nandana, this made us all wonder about the believability of things said by the Guruji since he could not differentiate between evil Ganga’s horoscope and Kalyani’s.

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Akhila, who is a strong believer in Guruji’s decisions, accepted his words and asked him to let her know if he comes up with anything, hinting that she is not going to leave her belief in him anytime soon. But, has Akhila always been a good believer of Guruji’s words? If she were a good believer of him, why did she keep rejecting the idea of Kalyani marrying Anand even after Guruji’s approval? Kalyani has been a clear match for Anand, according to Guruji. However, for some reason, Akhila seems to oversee this and keep trying to push her out of Anand’s life.

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By now, we know that Akhila wants Guruji to tell her the things she wants to hear and that is everything wrong with her belief. Most of the time, the things said by the sage are good for Kalyani, Anand and others at Trichamabarath, but goes wasted just because Akhila disregards them. Each time he suggests a new ritual or competition like Nimanjanam, Akhila gets excited only to lose it all once the result comes in Kalyani’s favour, showing us her contradictory self.

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Now Guruji’s visits to Trichamabarth have become more of a norm. Apart from Akhila, almost everyone seems to have lost a certain amount of trust in his words and the day is close when someone will speak against this. However, he currently has a value at Trichambarath and his constant tests and Pujas are proving to be a headache for the others including Kalyani and Krishnan. However, we should not oversee the fact that Guruji has at most times talked in favour of Kalyani proving that all is not bad from his side. Either way, until Akhila truly believes in his words, she must stop consulting him for decisions as her highly unpredictable behaviour is only adding stress to the people around her.

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