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Chembarathi: Akhila remembering her love for Kalyani could be the only solution to all their problems

Shrudi Shyam

May 16, 2021

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Akhila once considered Kalyani as her daughter. If she revives that love, maybe all her problems could be solved.

The recent episodes of Chembarathi have been pretty heartbreaking for the viewers as well as the members of Trichamabarath. The emotional split between the mother-son duo Akhila and Anand, and then seeing Akhila suffer silently while hurting Anand with her words made us sad as well. Things have only gone downhill ever since Anand left Trichambarath. Now the only solution we see is Akhila remembering how much she loved and cared for Kalyani. Read on to know why we feel so.

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Akhila’s love for Kalyani

Right from the start, Akhila considered Kalyani as her own daughter. She always gave her preference over others and never treated her like the regular servants. It is now that she knows Kalyani is married to Anand, that she has started hating her. But if it weren’t for Vilasini and others poisoning her mind, she might have even accepted Kalyani. Now, more than ever, Akhila needs to remember why she loved Kalyani in the first place, and we’re sure she’ll realise there couldn’t be a better match for Anand than Kalyani.

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Akhila being overwhelmed by Kalyani’s actions

Despite the current conditions, when Akhila got to know that Kalyani was the one who requested for the Archana on her behalf, she did get a little overwhelmed. It was pretty evident from her expressions. In fact, if Vilasini wouldn’t have been there, she might have given Kalyani a smile as well. Moreover, she also felt bad when Vilasini was slapping Kalyani in front of her. All these are hints enough to know that maybe Akhila’s heart is thawing a little.

A still from Chembarathi
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Akhila’s involuntary smile at Anand and Kalyani’s happiness

No matter how much she hates the relationship between Anand and Kalyani, Akhila can’t help but smile when she sees her children happy. It’s not just Anand but Akhila was also happy to see Kalyani, whom she once considered to be her daughter, beaming with happiness. If she just holds on to her emotional side rather than her ruthless egoistic side, she’ll surely embrace the love she has always had for Kalyani and accept her.

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Subru’s eye-opening speech

In the recent promo, we also saw Subru trying to convey the same to her. He could be seen saying that the reason Anand fell in love with Kalyani is the fact that Akhila loved her dearly. He never really wanted to hurt her mother. If Akhila understands this and accepts the truth, maybe she can still mend her relations with Anand and Kalyani.

A still from Chembarathi
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Dasan leaving with an emotional note

Meanwhile, Dasan left Trichambarath with an emotional note. He wrote he couldn’t stay in the same house as the person who hurt Akhila, whom he considers to be his living God. This truly broke something inside Akhila and we could see it in her eyes. If she soon doesn’t rectify her mistakes and accept Kalyani as her daughter-in-law, she might end up losing her daughter and son as well.

A still from Chembarathi
Source: ZEE5

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