Chembarathi: Akhila has caught Kalyani conducting the ancestral puja; what’s next?

With an angry Akhila catching Kalyani doing the ancestral puja, here’s how an unforeseen problem could blow over Kalyani’s future in the family.

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February 13, 2021


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The waters are muddy at Trichambarath and the family members are feeling the heat with each passing day. With Aravind and Anand having a blow out and Nandana’s sour intervention in the issue, Akhila is starting to get tense about where the family is going. To add it all off, a new problem has risen and is bound to explode in the coming days. In a recent episode of Chembarathi, we saw Akhila catch Kalyani doing the ancestral puja and it made her so angry that she was about to hit Kalyani in front of the idols.

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For once, Priyanka’s evil plans are falling right into place and have begun to cause troubles at Trichambarath. Priyanka’s ultimate goal is to hurt Akhila and destroy her and it feels like she is on the right path as we saw the head of the family in tears. The feud between her sons causing Aravind to question Akhila’s maternal love for him overwhelmed her. She couldn’t accept everything that was happening around her and ended up having an emotional breakdown.

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However, a much bigger problem was in the making as this time Kalyani chose to do the ancestral puja in front of the idols at Trichambarath. Akhila caught her in the act, and infuriated by it, went on to hit Kalyani which was stopped by Krishnan who rushed in and asked Akhila to let her complete the puja. Now, the whole family has come to know about the happening and the situation got worse as Vilasini stepped in with her hurtful words.

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Now, Akhila seeing Kalyani could be bad for her as the ‘housemaid’ is already in the family’s bad books thanks to the earlier happenings. Let’s imagine that Krishnan and Anand somehow manage to correct Akhila’s thoughts and spare Kalyani from the act. There is still another issue that no one in the family has foreseen.

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Earlier, Akhila had found Kalyani in Anand’s room during the time of Ganga’s ancestral puja and had become skeptical of her. Later, the possibility of Ganga replacing the prism chain she used to do puja with has also crossed her mind. Now that Akhila has seen Kalyani in the act, there is a chance that she connects the dots and finds the real reason behind Kalyani’s actions – her relationship with Anand. Not to forget, Kalyani is also involved with Nandana and her decision to demand separate shares of the family company.

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Angry and emotional, Akhila’s thinking won’t be at its best right now, but if someone else puts forward the idea to connect the dots, it could lead her to see everything that has been happening behind her back at Trichambarath. Once this is realised, there is no way Kalyani can justify it and stay in the family. As the story goes to some intense turns, let’s wait and watch what happens next.

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