Chembarathi: 4 times Priyanka was the scariest villain that one can be

Priyanka brings in a tough competition for the strongest character spot in Chembarathi. Here are all times she proved that she is a villain to be feared.

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January 19, 2021



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Malayalam TV show Chembarathi is filled with some complex characters crossing paths and fighting it out with brains and muscles. While the audience is sure that Akhilandeshwari is probably the strongest player in this game, it goes without saying that the only competition she has for that spot is from her arch-rival Priyanka. Bringing in some of the most intense twists in the show, she is a villain like no other. Even though she has been defeated a couple of times already, she never backed down and it is one of her strengths. Let’s have a look at Priyanka and why she can be named the scariest villain that one can be.

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Gun to the head

Priyanka has done many crazy things that have scared us all. However, she proved that she is not to be doubted even for a second when she pointed her gun to kill Krishnan during the marriage ceremony. Her viciousness is visible in this chilling scene as she makes Akhila beg for her husband’s life. Priyanka narrating her story of vengeance against the Thrichambarath family makes it even more convincing that she wasn’t joking around with the gun.

Priyanka gun
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Planting the bomb

Priyanka is not always successful in her plans, but it doesn’t mean her plans are weak. Probably the most extreme act she has ever planned is when she planted a bomb inside the Thrichambarath house. Thanks to the luck of the family, she wasn’t successful, and everyone survived as police arrested her for the same.

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Working with goons

Priyanka is to be feared for many reasons and one of them is her goons. Earlier, she has proved that she has some notorious connections across the country as she planned and persecuted an attack on Anand while he was in Mumbai. Recently, we saw her kidnap and keep Krishnan until Anand came to the rescue. The two incidents prove that her connections with goons make her even more dangerous.

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Mind games

A good villain is one who has all the crooked plans ready to agonise enemies and Priyanka has lots of them. She proved her mind games are way stronger and sharper than Akhila’s, by guaranteeing Ganga’s place in the family by tricking Akhila. The very second Akhila announced that Ganga will be Anand’s wife, Priyanka won a big percentage of the game. It is, in fact, a waiting game as to when her plan of infiltrating Thrichambarath will backfire.

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