Chembarathi: 4 times Aravind proved that he was the perfect brother to have

Here are four times Chembarathi’s Aravind proved the he was a loyal and loving brother to Anand.

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January 14, 2021



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We have enjoyed watching our favourite characters go through the twists and twirls in Chembarathi. While Kalyani stole our hearts with her innocence, Anand charmed us all with his heart of gold. Apart from the two, one other character who has also put a smile on our faces is Aravind. It is not far from the truth that Anand and Kalyani have a great confidante in Aravind and if it wasn’t for him, the couple would have been in a lot more trouble. Let’s have a look at the times when Aravind was a great brother to have for Anand.

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Accepting of Anand’s Choices

It was indeed a tense moment when Aravind came close to finding out about Anand and Kalyani’s relationship. The couple would have found it very difficult to explain if it was someone else from Trichambarath who found out. However, Aravind loves his brother beyond limits and it shows in how accepting he was of Anand’s decision. Instead of complaining or informing Akhila or even Nandana, Aravind kept to himself and often took the opportunities to tease Anand like any playful little brother.

Aravind throws a party for Anand and Kalyani (source:ZEE5)
Source: ZEE5

Helps his brother by any means possible

Akhila finding out about Krishnan’s wish to see Anand and Kalyani get married was worrying and what followed were some intense moments at Trichambarath. Akhila was ready to blast out at Kalyani or even kick her out. However, it is at moments like these that we realize how good a brother Aravind is. Instead of keeping quiet and watching the events, Aravind decides to step in and cool Akhila down with a game that would eventually prove that Kalyani does have some value at the household.

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Always by the side

Priyanka’s plan to sabotage the company was so close to succeeding that the police came to Trichmbarath to arrest Akhila. Well, Anand had to find out the truth behind the events and he never could have done it alone. Aravind, who is often perceived by many as rather immature compared to Anand, steps up and lends his brother his brains and muscles. The duo is super-efficient and resolves the issue and catches the culprits within hours.

Source: ZEE5

Keeping a Secret

For a husband, keeping a secret from his wife is hard. For Aravind, it must be even harder considering how smart and cunning Nandana is. However, he successfully keeps his word to his brother and keeps his secret from his own wife. Even at times when Nandana had doubts, it was Aravind who often deflected them away. By this, he proved yet again that he is a loyal brother to Anand.

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