Chembarathi 30 October 2020 Written Update: Vilasini instigates Akhila against Kalyani

Akhila questions Kalyani for going to Anand’s room at night. To know what happens next on Chembarathi serial watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV.


October 29, 2020



2 min


In the latest episode of Chembarathi, while Anand is busy working at night, Kalyani sneaks out of the house to meet Anand. At Trichambarath, Ganga is on her way to the kitchen to fetch some water when she spots Kalyani entering the house. A restless Ganga wakes Vilasini and informs her about the same. Vilasini thinks of plan to get Kalyani in trouble. What is Vilasini’s plan?

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A happy Kalyani leaves from Anand’s room in the middle of the night unaware that she is being watched by Vilasini, Akhila, Krishnan and Ganga. The sight of Akhila leaves Kalyani in shock. On being questioned by Vilasini, Kalyani tells her that she shouldn’t disturb a sleeping Anand. Kalyani suggests that they should go elsewhere and talk. While in the living room, Vilasini once again questions Kalyani. What will be Kalyani’s answer?

Kalyani tells Vilasini that she had gone to Anand’s room to give him some sliced cucumber, so he could place them on his eyes. But Vilasini refuses to believe Kalyani. Akhila too reprimands Kalyani for entering a man’s room so late in the night. As Kalyani leaves, Vilasini asks Ganga why a maid is taking so much care of Anand.

Later, Vilasini is happy that she tried to instigate Akhila against Kalyani. She is sure that now Akhila will be very cautious about Kalyani and Anand as she would never want a maid to get close to Anand. Meanwhile in her room, Akhila recollects Vilasni’s words about a maid taking care of her son. Krishnan tries to console Akhila, but the latter argues with him. Akhila ponders over Vilasni’s words.

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