Chembarathi 27 November 2020 Written Update: Ganga gets upset when Kalyani and Anand get on the stage

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November 26, 2020



3 min


In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Anand comes up with a plan to get Kalyani on her feet. Meanwhile, Vilasini is stunned on seeing Kalyani walking. Later, Kalyani slaps Ganga for insulting her.

Watch what will happen next on Chembarathi

In the latest episode of Chembarathi, Kalyani speaks with her favourite ‘Chembarathi’ flowers and shares the news of her big day with them. Meanwhile, everyone gathers at the venue for Akhila’s felicitation function for receiving the Sarovar award. Aravind takes over the stage and thanks everyone for coming for the function. He tells the guests to be seated as Akhila will be arriving at the venue shortly. He invites Anand and Kalyani to receive the gifts from the guests. Vilasini and Ganga and are stunned on hearing Aravind’s words. Ganga gets upset when Kalyani and Anand get on stage. Further, Vilasini asks Ganga to go stand next to Anand as it is her place and not the servant girl Kalyani’s. When Ganga moves towards the stage to obey Vilasini’s orders she receives an anonymous phone call. The stranger tells Ganga that he is at the venue and is watching over her. Ganga gets scared she asks him to leave, but he refuses to do so. Ganga gets on stage and stands next to Anand. Meanwhile, a guest approaches Anand and speaks with him in English. he asks Kalyani how she is and about her brand ambassador post. Kalyani is unable to answer his questions. Ganga mocks Kalyani. Later, Ganga gets a call from the stranger again. She doubts that either Aravind or Subramaniam is playing a prank on her.

Jayanthi overhears Anand and Kalyani’s conversation about the function also being their wedding reception. Jayanthi runs to Vilasini and informs her about Anand and Kalyani’s conversation. Vilasini gets furious. She summons Ganga and asks her to stand right next to Anand till Akhila arrives. Meanwhile, the guests keep taking pictures and giving the gifts to Anand and Kalyani. Meanwhile, Akhila arrives at the function with Sivaramakrishnan and Nandana. Akhila spots Kalyani and Anand on stage greeting the guests. She questions Anand and calls Ganga upon the stage. She asks Ganga to take Kalyani’s place and asks Kalyani to get down from the stage. Anand and Kalyani are shocked by Akhila’s behaviour. Anand leave the stage after a while and descends from the stage to stand next to Kalyani. Akhila asks Ganga to remain on stage.

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