Chembarathi 16 July 2020 Written Update: Priyanka Returns With A New Plan Against Akhila

In today’s episode of the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Akhila feels betrayed when the astrologer reveals the forgery in Ganga’s horoscope.

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July 16, 2020


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Previously on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Akhila (Thara Kalyan) consoles Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan) by telling her that she considers her as her daughter. Akhila gets angry when Krishnan tells her that Maheshwari and Vilasini (Sreepadma) asked for the partition of Thrichambarath. Meanwhile, Subramanian tells Anand (Stebin Jacob) that they should replace Ganga’s horoscope when the family is consulting an astrologer. When a Swami comes to visit Ilayachan, he advises Akhila to consult an astrologer and perform a Sreechakra pooja.

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In today’s episode of Malayalam serial Chembarathi, the astrologer asks Akhila (Thara Kalyan) to prepare a lamp so that he can start checking the horoscopes. He finds Kalyani’s horoscope with Anand’s and tells Akhila that it is an omen from the gods. When he is given Ganga’s (Haritha Nair) horoscope, he finds it to be a perfect match for Anand. Akhila is shocked when he tells her that Ganga’s horoscope matches perfectly because it is a fake one. When the astrologer leaves, Aravind mocks Vilasini and Jayanthi as their plan fails again.

Akhila feels betrayed (source:ZEE5)
Akhila feels betrayed (Source: ZEE5)

Akhila tells Krishnan that she feels betrayed by Ganga. Krishnan tries to console her and suggests that they should consult another astrologer. Akhila fumes further and tells Krishnan that she knows what to do with Ganga. Meanwhile, Sreeni consoles Ganga after finding about her fake horoscope incident. Vilasini enters the room in anger and asks them to call Priyanka. She tells them that Priyanka can’t hide anymore if Akhila starts looking for her.

Priyanka returns with a new plan(source:ZEE5)
Priyanka returns with a new plan (Source: ZEE5)

Vilasini gets shocked to hear Priyanka’s voice as she enters the room. Priyanka tells Vilasini that she won’t be hiding anymore as she is back with another plan. Vilasini tells the group that Akhila has found out about Ganga’s fake horoscope. Priyanka informs Ganga and Vilasini that her new plan is going to shake the pillars of Thrichambarath. Priyanka motivates Ganga to go back to Thrichambarath as she is back in the game now. What has Priyanka planned for Thrichambarath? Keep watching the Malayalam serial Chembarathi to find out!

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