Chembarathi 15 July 2020 Written Update: Akhila Gets Angry By Requests For Partition

In today’s episode of the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Akhila decides to consult an astrologer with the horoscopes of the family members.

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July 15, 2020


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Previously on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Akhila (Thara Kalyan) lashes out at Rajashekaran for trying to arrest Aravind without any evidence. Akhila calls for Kalyani and slaps her when she finds the food served for her to be tasteless. Later at night, she visits Das in his house to apologise for Vilasini’s (Sreepadma) actions. She tells Kalyani that she slapped Kalyani earlier because she was looking forward to eating the tasty food that she makes.

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In today’s episode of the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Akhila (Thara Kalyan) consoles Kalyani (Amala Gireeshan) by telling her that she considers her like a daughter and she is hurt by what happened between them. As Akhila leaves, Das praises her for her guidance and decisions. Later at Thrichambarath, Krishnan tells Akhila about how Maheshwari and Nandana asked for the partition of properties. Akhila gets angry when Krishnan tells her that Vilasini also asked for her share.

Akhila is angered by the request for partition (source:ZEE5)
Akhila gets agitated after listening about the request for partition (Source: ZEE5)

Later at night, Anand (Stebin Jacob), Subramanian and Aravind (Prabhin) discuss the upcoming marriage ceremony. Subru tells Anand that they need to replace Ganga’s horoscope with Kalyani’s. Through this, Akhila will learn about Ganga’s forgery. Subru plans on tricking the astrologer by placing Kalyani’s horoscope with Anand’s. The next day, while Akhila and Krishnan discuss the upcoming marriage ceremony, a Swami comes to visit Ilayachan.

A Swami visits Thrichambarath (source:ZEE5)
A Swami visits Thrichambarath (Source: ZEE5)

The Swami gets confused and wonders about Ilayachan’s reluctance to enter the house. He tells Akhila that they need to do a Sreechakra pooja before the marriage ceremony. He asks them to consult an astrologer with the family’s horoscope to avoid bad omens.

Later, Anand meets Kalyani and tells her that he is going to reveal Ganga’s true identity. Meanwhile, Ganga meets Akhila at Thrichambarath and tells her that she needs to meet her parents to invite guests for the marriage ceremony.

Ganga gets worried (Source:ZEE5)
Ganga gets worried (Source: ZEE5)

Akhila meets Anand and Aravind and tells them about consulting an astrologer regarding the horoscopes. Ganga gets worried when Akhila gives her permission to leave. In this way, they can consult the astrologer without Ganga’s presence. While Akhila asks Aravind about the whereabouts of Nandana, the astrologer walks into Thrichambarath. How will Subramanian replace the horoscope? Keep watching the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, to find out!

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