Chembarathi 15 December 2020 Written Update: Ganga decides to take revenge on Anand 

Ganga decides to take revenge on Anand. To know what happens next on Chembarathi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


December 14, 2020


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In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Akhila’s questions Ganga about the order of the cup with Kalyani and Anand’s photograph. Later, Vilasini asks Ganga to wait for her chance to take revenge on Anand. Later, Ganga decides to take revenge on Anand. 

Watch what will happen next on Chembarathi

In the latest epiosde of Chembarathi, Akhila questions Ganga about the cup she had ordered from a shop with Anand and Kalyani’s pictures on it. She scolds Ganga and asks her to tell the truth. Ganga swears that she has not ordered any such cup for anyone. The shopkeeper repeatedly assures Akhila that Ganga has ordered the cups and that she had visited the shop. He recognises her as soon as he enters the house. Ganga is shocked by the allegation put on her. She tells Akhila that Anand and Kalyani are trying to trap her. Further, Vilasini interferes and tells Akhila that Anand had hidden the cup with his and Kalyani’s picture in his room and asks Akhila to question Anand about the same. Sivaramakrishnan seconds Anand and tells Akhila that Vilasini and Ganga have planned this out and are putting up an act before them. Akhila is infuriated by the whole issue. She scolds Vilasini and Ganga and asks them to stop attacking Kalyani. Vilasini tries to explain herself to Akhila but Akhila refuses to listen. The shopkeeper also makes Akhila hear a voice note where Ganga spoke to the shopkeeper about the design of the cup and about including Anand and Kalyani’s picture in the cup. Akhila tells Ganga that if she continues with this behaviour she won’t be getting married to Anand anytime soon.

Vilasini, Ganga, and Jayanthi sit and discuss the voice note and the cup that Anand claims Ganga has ordered. Ganga is unable to understand how Anand made a voice note in her voice. She tells Vilasini that there is an app that can help mimic voices. Vilasini tells Ganga to calm down and reassures her. She also tells Ganga to be patient and that she will get a chance to take revenge. Later, Kalyani approaches Anand and asks him how the shopkeeper recognised Ganga and how he got her voice recorded. Anand tells Kalyani that he influenced the shopkeeper and used the voice change app to trap her and put the blame on Ganga. Anand also adds that Jayanthi had visited his room that morning and spotted the cup. Further, Jayanthi had enquired about the cup and when he left for office she had taken the cup to show Akhila and Akhila summoned him to enquire about the same. Kalyani tells Anand that they are lying to Akhila and she is not happy about the same. Anand reassures her. Later, the blackmailer calls Ganga and asks her why she tried to trap Kalyani. Ganga loses her patience and tells the blackmailer to reveal his identity. Further, the blackmailer threatens to reveal her truth to Akhila. He asks Ganga to stay away from Kalyani. Ganga pleads with the blackmailer to not reveal her identity to Akhila, but he declines her request. 

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