Chembarathi 14 September 2021 Written Update: Nandana pacifies Aravind

Kalyani tells Anand that she would have killed herself if the Premnath would have insulted her before the media.


September 14, 2021



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In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Akhila is shocked when she sees Anand on TV riding his scooter without any assistance. Sivaramakrishnan is concerned after he is unable to reach Anand. Later, Anand calls up the police station.

In the next episode of Chembarathi, Aravind gets infuriated when Akhila does not help Kalyani even after she gets arrested. He shares his worries with Nandana. Nandana pacifies Aravind and tells him that she will teach Premnath a lesson. Anand tries to console Kalyani and reassure her. Kalyani tells Anand that she would have killed herself if Premnath would have insulted her before the media. Anand requests Kalyani to forget about the past and show her enemies that she cannot be defeated. Anand changes the topic and leaves the conversation at that when Kalyani gets emotional. Later, Aniyankuttan meets Akhila and weeps before her. He tells Akhila that Kalyani loves Akhila more than anything else.

Aniyankuttan tells Akhila what had happened to Kalyani. He also adds that Kalyani would have killed herself if the issue would have been out on media. Aniyankuttan questions Akhila and asks her if she is the mastermind behind all this. Akhila stands dumbstruck before Aniyankuttan. Akhila consoles Aniyankuttan and asks him to go home. Later, Kalyani is unable to find Aniyankuttan at the house. When Aniyankuttan returns Kalyani hits him and asks him where he was at. He tells Kalyani that he met Akhila. Aniyankuttan tells Kalyani that he requested Akhila to leave Kalyani alone. Meanwhile, Nandana blames Akhila for Kalyani’s misery. Nandana’s words hurt Akhila.

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