Chembarathi 03 September 2020 Written Update: How will Anand marry Kalyani?

Vilasini orders Anand to leave the room when she sees him with Kalyani.

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September 2, 2020


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In the upcoming episode of the Malayalam serial Chembarathi, Anand (Stebin Jacob) continues his discussion with Aravind (Prabhin) and Subru about their next plan. Anand asks Aravind to use a snow spray during the community marriage ceremony to distract Akhila so that he (Anand) can tie the Thali instead of Neeraj.

Aravind questions Anand what he has planned for Neeraj who is Kalyani’s fiancé. Anand tells them that Neeraj will play a part in his drama as they are friends. What is Anand planning? Watch Chembarathi’s premiere episode before TV telecast on ZEE5 Club.

Anand plans with Aravind and Subru (source:ZEE5)
Anand plans with Aravind and Subru (Source: ZEE5)

Aravind notices that Vilasini (Sreepadma) is eavesdropping to their discussion and informs Anand of the same. Anand shows them a replica of the ancestral necklace and plans to distract Vilasini with the same. Vilasini understands that something big is at play and quickly informs Ganga. Ganga warns her to be careful about Anand as he might do anything to marry Kalyani. Watch Chembarathi’s premiere episode before TV telecast on ZEE5 Club to see what happens next!

Vilasini finds Anand and Kalyani togetehr (source:ZEE5)
Vilasini finds Anand and Kalyani together (Source: ZEE5)

Later, Anand goes to meet Kalyani who is worried about her marriage ceremony. Anand tells her that things are going to work according to his plan and hands over the ancestral necklace to her. Kalyani sees the pictures inside and is reminded of her old days with him. Vilasini interrupts the romantic moment shared between the couple and orders Anand to leave the room. What is Vilasini planning for Kalyani next?

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