Cheers My Love: 5 reasons why this short film should be on your watchlist

ZEE5’s newly released short film Cheers! My Love chronicles a heart wrenching story of a loving husband who learns about his wife’s infidelity

Mamta Raut

November 1, 2020

Original Series

3 min


ZEE5’s newly released short film Cheers! My Love chronicles a heart wrenching story of a loving husband who learns about his wife’s infidelity. Starring Riya Sen and Swapnnil Ralkar, the film essays her husband’s plight who in the beginning narrates his attempts to hide away all the misery. However, with a drastic twist of fate their marriage turns into dust within a split second. Here we have curated five reasons why one must watch this drama film.

1. Prefect usage of monochromatic frame

Capturing the colourless essence of the protagonist’s marriage, the usage of a monochromatic frame was an apt choice by the makers. Throughout the film, the black and white frame stands constant through every transition. It visually depicts their love withering and their marriage falling apart.

2. Hard-hitting dialogues

Ever since the main protagonist’s voice raises his plight in the narration, the dialogues articulated ends up leaving one with goosebumps. Every word uttered by the heart-broken husband strikes a chord with the viewers. The main phrase ‘I am waiting’ has been twisted and linked with sunlight and the inner fight of the character which enables one to experience what the character feels.

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3. Expressions

From the moment the movie begins till the very end, both the main leads Swapnnil and Riya, have maintained a poker face. It gives a hint at how monotonous their lives have become. Getting in the skin of their roles, not once do the actors smile. It indicates aptly how both are unhappy with their marriage but within the clutter of maintaining his work-life, the husband yet loves his wife.

4. Riya’s obsession with makeup

Riya’s character has been shown to have an obsession with makeup and her dressing table. Wherein she doesn’t only apply makeup but also watches herself cheat on her husband through the mirror. Her role is shown to have something in common with the mirror as whenever she has a conversation with her husband, she sits quietly in front of the mirror. One reason could be her being in a denial state, another could have been to show their daily monotonous routine.

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5. Emotional edge

Although the husband knows about his wife’s infidelity, he tries to remind her of their love through his kindness which adds an emotional edge to the story. If are a Bollywood buff, then this film has it all emotional drama, infidelity, evilness and tragedy in store for you.

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