Check out these BTS photos from the set of Rani Rashmoni!

We got you these rare behind-the-scenes glimpses from the popular Bengali TV show.


August 26, 2020


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The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Rani Rashmoni centres around the titular protagonist, the great Rani of Janbazaar (played by Ditipriya Roy), who is a historical character. Rani Rashmoni was a great philanthropist who fought tirelessly for the sake of humanity. She challenged the highest authorities in power at the time, such as the British invaders and the upper-caste priests who typically oppressed people, and worked hard to give women and other minorities their due rights. The Rani worked closely with reformers like Sri Ramkrishna and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, and we get to see this in the show. Rani Rashmoni built the Dakshineshwar Temple, where Sri Ramkrishna was appointed as a priest. Here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes moments from the set of Rani Rashmoni that you need to see!

Watch an episode from Rani Rashmoni below:

Actor Tanushree Bhattacharya recently joined the cast of Rani Rashmoni as Goddess Bhabatarini, who comes to life for Gadadhar Chattopadhyay (played by Sourav Saha). Gadadhar, who later came to be known as Paramahansa Ramkrishna, the great mystic saint, was a devout worshipper of the Goddess, and many ridiculed him for his deep faith.

Check out these photos that Tanushree Bhattacharya shared with us on her social media page right here!

A spiritual connection

Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

This photo is from a scene where Gadadhar prays to Goddess Bhabatarini. We can see the sincere devotion in his eyes, and the earnest way in which he speaks to her. No amount of scorn by other people will deter him from his one true path.

The Goddess in all her glory

Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

Here is Goddess Bhabatarini (also known as Kali), blessing us and smiling benignly down at us. Doesn’t she look absolutely regal all in jet black, adorned with scarlet hibiscus flowers?

Ma Bhabatarini

Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

This is a rare and stunning shot of the Goddess. Tanushree Bhattacharya definitely shines in the role, and we cannot help but admire the sheer charisma she exudes while playing this great character!

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