Check Out The Sibling Challenge Between Kamli Ishq Di’s Deshveer-Nimrat And Mahi-Vicky

Kamli Ishq Di’s stars give major us siblings goals, but how well do they know each other? Read on to know more.


August 4, 2020


2 min


The Zee Punjabi series Kamli Ishq Di works on emotional value. The show portrays the power of family and friends. Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) overcome each struggle with full dedication. However, Deshveer and Mahi are supported by their siblings while facing such issues. On screen, Deshveer and Nimrat (Ritika) know each other inside out. But how much do they know about each other’s characters? Let’s find out!

You can watch an episode of Kamli Ishq Di here:

The #SiblingChallenge Of Deshveer-Nimrat

Nimrat and Deshveer take the #SiblingChallenge! Nimrat points out that Deshveer gets blamed for almost everything that goes wrong. She even points out that Deshveer takes more time to get ready than her. On the other hand, Deshveer points out that Nimrat is a big foodie and an avid movie watcher. Deshveer ends this sweet video by saying that he’s proud of the fact that Nimrat is his sister.

The #SiblingChallenge Of Mahi-Vicky

Here comes the second duo of siblings. Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) and Vicky (Vansh Bindra) look like a real sibling duo as they keep pointing at each other during the game! Both crown themselves as the smartest. They even fight about being mommy’s favourite child. However, despite their fights, they love to celebrate this khatta-meetha bond.

Which is your favourite sibling duo? Deshveer-Nimrat or Mahi-Vicky? Share your views in the comment section below.

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