Check Out The Equation Between Kamli Ishq Di’s Shehnaz Saher And Jashn Kohli

Do you want to know how well the Kamli Ishq Di stars Shehnaz Saher and Jashn Koli know each other? Watch this video to find out!


June 16, 2020


3 min


After Punjabi TV show Vilayti Bhabhi‘s Emily and Sandy proved their chemistry, we have Kamli Ishq Di‘s Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) and Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) answering questions about each other.

Watch how Mahi ignores Deshveer’s help here:

Recently, Jashn and Shehnaz shared this video with their chemistry test. One thing is for sure, they both know each other in and out! Despite shooting either half of this video individually, they are still perfectly in sync.

Well, show pe toh Mahi ke tevar se kaun bacha hai? She’s quite the hot-headed girl on screen. Jashn says that she’s a rebellious person in real life as well. Shehnaz proudly confesses that among the two, she takes more time getting ready. If Shehnaz proudly owns the fact that she takes the most time, Jashn says that he is the wiser of the two, which Mahi agrees to.

Deshveer is a serious guy who is facing challenges in his love life, but do you know that actor Jashn Kohli is a funny guy off-camera? Shehnaz hints that he is the mischievous munda on the set. Jashn also crowns Shehnaz aka Mahi the ultimate chatterbox. If Mahi’s the talkative one, then Jashn is the one who eats like a horse. Both of them say that they don’t like gossiping and that their co-stars do not like gossiping either. But yes, Deshveer emphasises on the fact that Shehnaz is the late-comer on the sets, and she also agrees with this rather guiltily. Jashn owns the fact that he’s the one who is much more concerned about fitness and Shehnaz nods in agreement.

So this was the jugalbandi of Dehsveer and Mahi. They may fight about anything and everything, but it seems that they do share a natural bond of friendship and they know each other quite well. How did you find the equation between these two? Comment below with your views!

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