Check Out Seven Prakash Raj Hindi Movies Here

Prakash Raj is one of the fantastic actors of Indian Cinema. He has worked in several languages and has proved his mettle over and over again. Today on his birthday, we will talk about his Hindi movies that made us his biggest fans.

March 26, 2021


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Prakash Raj is an excellent actor. Those who have watched him for years in various regional movies will vouch for it. Although the Hindi film industry true to its style, stereotyped the actor in over-the-top villainous roles. Bollywood isn’t too big on experimentation. But since he is a great actor, he manages to always leave an impression on his audience even when the characters are as cliched as they can get. Even when he is Jaykant Shikre, we know Singham would be nothing without him. Sonu Sood Starts Shooting for Alludu Adhurs, Prakash Raj and the Entire Unit Felicitate Him

Prakash Raj Birthday Special: Singham, Wanted, Golmaal Again – Here Are Seven Hindi Movies Of The Actor That Are Our Favourite

On his birthday today, we thought of telling you about seven Hindi movies of Prakash Raj that are our personal favourites


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We had to start the list with the first film from Rohit Shetty’s cop universe. Jaykant Shikre is as important for the movie as is Bajirao Singham because without a strong opposition a hero can never shine. The way he reacts to the comic moments is just hilarious.


Having worked in the Tamil version of Wanted titled Pokiri, this was a cakewalk for him. If you loved Salman Khan’s daring here, it’s because Prakash Raj’s villainy was equally at par

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

A welcome departure from the roles he was doing in Hindi films, Raj is seen as a commander of a troop Milkha Singh was a part of. Although his scenes are quite limited here, they were enough to prove his range. He can be a conniving gangster in one film and he can also be a supportive platoon leader in another.


Raj played the same role in the Telugu original Parugu and reprised the same in the Hindi version. He is a strict father who also gets a bit paranoid when he realises the boy he doesn’t like loves his second daughter. Raj did such a great job to show the vulnerabilities of a father.


Prakash Raj went back to being the loud yet comical bad guy in this film which was all about a rich dog. His comic flair could leave Akshay Kumar behind and this movie proved it.

Golmaal Again

A man with grey shades and one of the biggest comic elements in this hilarious Rohit Shetty film, Raj was simply brilliant. The moving microphone scene was perhaps the best one we have ever seen.

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