Check Out Reasons Why You Must Catch Huliraya This Weekend!

If you’re looking to watch something extremely thrilling, then this is what you need!


August 28, 2020


3 min


If you’re into thrillers and you’re searching for the perfect movie for this weekend, then Huliraya is just the movie you need to watch! Written and Directed by Aravind Kaushik, Huliraaya revolves around Suresa who has grown up in the forest.

However,  his love for a woman takes him to a city where he is exposed to new people and a new life. If you’re looking to watch something rare and unusually then a film like Huliraaya is what you need to catch. Kaushik makes a comeback with this film is all about introspection and questioning oneself about their innocence and how it can be taken away so easily when one gets consumed in the rat race of life. This movie easily helps you get in touch with yourself and your surrounding.

The film starts with the protagonist Suresa recounting his life’s transition from the simple one in the forest to the city wherein he pursues software engineering.  While his heart lies in the forest, we see how he struggles to cope up with a busy life wherein one indulges in nothing but the survival of the fittest.  The question lies in whether or not he grows on a personal level or he grows financially and materialistically but at the cost of his mental peace.

While Huliraaya is an interesting tale, symbolism is really what adds life to the movie. As for performance, Balu Nagendra has done full justice to his character as he is able to portray the internal conflicts he faces while also being madly in love with Lachi portrayed by newbie Divya Uruduga who also shows potential as she lights up the screen with her character. In terms of the technical aspects of the movie, the cinematography which shows a transition from greenery symbolising peace to the busy life is one to look out for. Additionally, the background score, soundtrack and locations will keep your attention throughout the movie.

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