Check Out Reasons To Watch Rama Bhaktha Hanumantha

Here’s why you need to catch all the episodes of the new mythological show.


October 5, 2020


2 min


As we are all aware, Rama Bhaktha Hanumantha that is scheduled to launch on Monday, 5th October. revolves around the story of Lord Hanuman from when he was created to be the most powerful being on earth and the tales of Hanuman’s loyalty towards Ram.

With a detailed insight into his character, the show is all about his purpose on earth and how he helps his Lord Rama. This show is set to take the viewers on an interesting journey filled with information and adventures of how Hanuman turns out to be the greatest devotee of Lord Ram.

Ramabhaktha Hanumantha is all about the discovery of Hanuman’s powers when he is born and evolvement of his character from misusing those powers to understanding the potential of those powers and using them for the right cause. What also makes this show extremely interesting is how relatable it is to the viewers even if it is a mythological show.

A still of Hanuman

We see that Hanuman comes to a realisation of how he must do his bit to make the world a better place, all under the guidance of his mother (Anjani) and foster father Vayu (God of wind). Nevertheless, he also seeks knowledge from Lord Rama himself.

Moreover, in terms of technicality, the show and the graphics that have been brought about in the show makes it a must-watch. While the scenic views are bound to blow your mind, the music, cinematography and background score will definitely keep you on the grips with every episode. As for the performance, watching baby Hanuman is no less than a treat to the eyes as he is everything cute, sweet and innocent. His curious nature and mischievous behaviour will surely keep you glued to your screens.

Meanwhile, catch another great mythological film Kurukshetra exclusively on ZEE5!

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