Chakri To Rocket: 7 Zee Kannada Actresses Who Represent These Deepavali Patakis Perfectly

Parinika Uchil

October 27, 2019

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1. Anaar - Anika From Kamali

Source: Instagram/i_capturedthis_today

You must have already checked out our collection of the Zee Kannada Avengers, but since it is the festive time and Deepavali 2019 is literally around the corner, we have something fun and exciting today. What if we brought to you a world where each Pataki that we love to burst, represents one of the villains from the each of the primetime shows? 

Yes! Villains are loud and bold but so are the wonderful firecrackers we burst each year. Now bear in mind, each villainess is specifically made for a particular quality. Let’s find out what…

Starting with Anika Mahajan from Zee Kannada’s Kamali, who would be the perfect fit for an Anaar aka Flower Pot. In my opinion, she soars high to achieves her plan and almost with every single attempt goes a little higher but eventually has to fall back down.

2. Chakri - Pinky From Gattimela

Source: Instagram/ ravisbajpai

Since Pinky and her mother from Bramhagantu always find themselves roaming in circles without much effort, I thought they would be perfectly suited to be the chakris! What say you?

3. Rocket - Damini From Paaru

Source: Instagram/ pixelatedopinions

Now this one is unique. Damini from Paaru is one such villain, who is a part-time comedian too. Like a rocket, which aims far away, Damini too makes plans against Parvathi that are outrageous but if successful, are a blast.

4. Bijli Bomb Strip - Kathriguppe Kanthamma From Radha Kalyana

Source: ZEE5/

Kanthamma, the villain of the show Radha Kalyana can be nothing less than a Bijli Bomb strip because she is noisy and can go on screaming at her step-granddaughter Radha for hours on end! Literally!

5. Snake - Suhasini From Gattimela

Source: ZEE5/YouTube

Silently, Suhasini from Gattimela is used to working her magic on people and getting her way no matter what, just like the firecracker snake we ignite on Deepavali.

6. Phuljhadi - Maya From Yaare Nee Mohini

Source: Instagram/ _tamingoo

While Sparklers or Phuljhadi maybe attractive to look at, their show eventually wears off just like Yaare Nee Mohini’s Maya and her plans for Belli. They seem fruitful at first but much to everyone’s disappointments, Muthu just seems to keep going farther away from Maya.

7. Sutli Bomb - Sarika From Gattimela

Source: Instagram/ YouTube

Last but not least, Sarika the Sutli Bomb. I am sure each and every one of you must have experienced the sudden shock of Sutli bomb you hear while walking on the road? You didn’t even know someone was lighting it up but when the bomb goes ‘Boom’, you probably cover your ears in a reflex. Sarika is similar, from introducing Gautham to Aarthi to trying to break off her engagement with Vicky, Sarika is the silent bomb, who makes a huge impact, most of the times.

Then again, sometimes firecrackers too cannot be trusted, but hey it’s Deepavali Habba and life couldn’t be more brightly lit right?

Let us know if you agree with our list or have some changes for us, type in your replies in the comments box given below.

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