Chadarangam: New Motion Posters Shed Light On This ZEE5 Original’s Murky Political World

The recently-released motion posters give us an apt idea of all the serious power play that awaits us


February 18, 2020


3 min


It’s time to start counting hours down, until the latest and the biggest ZEE5 Telugu Original makes its way to us. Titled Chadarangam, the show promises to deliver what it holds in its name. Politics, strategies, games and high-intensity drama is what we’re waiting to experience. With Meka Srikanth in the lead, Chadarangam marks the digital debut of many stellar Tollywood actors.

Watch the trailer here:

Recently, the makers of the show released not one or two, but five motion posters that feature the series’ leading men and women, who take guard at the frontier of this politics drama. Check them out there.

The first one features Gangadhar Rao, essayed by Srikanth. He is hailed as the king, and is an actor-turned-politician who wants to serve his people in the best way possible.

Seasoned actor Nagineedu turns into Rama Krishna Rao, popularly known as RK. Said to be the queen in this chessboard, he will blur all lines of morality and ethics, giving the viewers food for thought.

Playing Gangadhar’s right hand and most trusted aide, actor Ravi Prakash steps in as Bapineedu. With a youthful zest for serving the people, this young politician finds his desired ground early on. But are things always as simple as they appear to be? And will his loyalties last when temptations surround him?

Yet another youthful politician, with the spirit to get past the injustices and wrong things, Kranthi plays an important role in this game of power. Essayed by Sunainaa of High Priestess game, we’re excited to see what she brings to the table this time around.

Finally, it’s time to meet veteran actor Jeeva’s character, Yogeshwara Rao. This white-collared man is known to indulge in conversation and activities that the world counts to black. Thirsty to keep his power intact, Yogeshwara Rao is his own knight without any armour.

Inspired by true events that unfolded during late legendary actor, NTR garu’s reign, Chadarangam releases on February 20, 2020. Save the date and watch Gods of Dharmapuri in the meantime on ZEE5, streaming now.

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