Yami Gautam

Actress, Model

An actress who is all fair and beautiful with a lovely personality. She set out to achieve her dream of becoming an actress, and with pure perseverance & persistence, she finally did it. She is among the most beautiful & versatile actresses who can deliver performances effortlessly. Her talents, looks, and fashion have made her millions of fans.

Shy & Reserved

Growing up, Yami was a skinny person. People in Chandigarh were comparatively wider, so she was perceived as physically weak by people. She tried a lot to gain weight & it became her inferiority complex which was resolved when her mother told her to accept it.

When she was in 10th, there was a poem recitation competition, and her teachers made her go for it. Yami was a shy & reserved person, but she went for the competition after mugging up the two-page poem. The moment she went on stage, she froze and recited the poem shabbily. She was then left reassessing her confidence & career.

Wish to be an Actor

Yami Gautam had in her heart somewhere that she wanted to be an actor, even though she was preparing to be an IAS officer. She used to lock herself up in her room and dance to Madhuri’s numbers. When she was in 10th, she watched a chat show where a celebrity was invited along with their family & friends. Her friends told her that one day, we’d be on that show because of you.

Director Refused to Give TC

Yami Gautam was geeky & studious. When she told people she’s going to pursue a career in acting, people took it as a joke. When she went to the Director of her law institute for her TC, he didn’t believe her & refused to give it. When she told him that she was serious about it, he tried to counsel her. He told her that she could easily make a good lawyer, judge, or IAS since she was a diligent student. He spent at least half an hour on it before he handed over the TC.

Transitioning from TV to Bollywood

After working for a while in the television industry, Yami felt the work getting monotonous & mundane. She decided to leave the TV and proceed to the movies. She asked three months from her parents to allow her to try out the fruits of her decision. She went to do films for a while. There were days when she faced rejection and even replacements. She cried about her failures but got back the next day. She was auditioning in full swing when she finally made it to her debut.

Vicky Donor Made Her an Actor

When Yami was prepping for her role with everyone on the sets for her debut movie, Shoojit was complementing & encouraging everyone. Later, when the entire thing was over, Shoojit very sweetly & nicely told her before everyone that he could see her overconfidence because of her experience. Yami is an extremely sensitive person, so she cried about it. The next day, Shoojit consoled her on the set & asked her to leave her previous experiences and get under the skin of this role completely. They would prep up at the end of their days for the upcoming scenes, and she learned the nooks of the craft from there.

Getting Noticed

Yami Gautam had a TV background, due to which people discriminated against her & she was typecast. Furthermore, people did like her after her debut, but they couldn’t get past her beautiful looks. They were giving her roles of a pretty damsel in distress. She had to choose her parts with such care to bring out her versatility and make people see her potential. She had to choose different roles, each time to prove her reliability.

Prepping for Her Roles

Director Aditya advised Yami to read the script again & again to know her character. Yami has been applying that technique to get into the head of her character. She reads the script thoroughly numerous times till she gets tired, and from there, she starts her work of giving life to her character. She puts her imagination & acting skills at work.

Accepting Flaws

Just like Pari, Yami teaches people self-acceptance in real life too. She was diagnosed with keratosis pilaris in her teenage years. She has bumps and small rough patches on her skin. In these times, when everything is about looking beautiful on social media, she bravely chose to accept her flaws. She posted her un-photoshopped pictures on Instagram and accepted her flaws.

Yami Gautam is an actress who can make an on-screen character look believable. Pari Mishra could’ve easily been made caricaturish or villainous. But her acting made the character believable, and people related to her. This shows the potential of the actress and the fire in her to give the industry & her audience better performances each time.


28 November 1988 (age33) Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India

Active Years

1988 - Today
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