Shweta Tripathi

Actress, Assistant Director, Model

A Realistic Performer

Shweta Tripathi is an actress that has made a name for herself for unique choices and realistic performances. She is the millennial actress whose sensibilities connect to a new generation of thinkers. We feel nostalgic about her Disney star career days, and Tripathi made an impact on your childhood. She has a shudh Hindi personality, and her classiness elevates every role Tripathi plays.

All-Rounder Student

Shweta was a student that fits into the all-rounder category. Good at academics, athletics, and dramatics, she was able to do it all. She believed in a healthy balance of hobbies and studies. Her creative chaska came from within, but her whole family was also inclined into the creative field.

Shweta's mother plays Sitar, and her father used to read books to her. Her Sister was into dramatics, and through her, she was able to live her dream vicariously. Her goal growing up was to be happy doing something she is passionate about. Shweta now describes herself going to sleep with a smile on her face.

Life Lessons

The big lesson she learned in her life through her experiences is that nothing is too small. Tripathi describes her transformation as a goal-oriented person in her fashion college days. It gave her a level of work ethic and discipline she uses her learning into the roles.

Shweta has also learned that having vanity and looking at the number game is meaningless. She sees every role from the perspective of improving herself and growing as a person. Shweta wants to move away from characters too similar to her and wants to expand her horizons. She wants to do research and homework for every role because she is learning something new every day.

Her Political Stand

When the anti-CAA protests were happening all across the country, Shweta Tripathi and her friends decided to join the protest. They posted Instagram photos with banners in their hands and were met with a severe backlash. This baffled Shweta, and she couldn't understand why so much abuse was happening.

She commented, "Just because I have a certain number of following, or I am a public figure, can I not have my opinion? Or just because I have an opinion is it important that I am subjected to so much abuse?"

Shweta felt affected by the incident as she felt like people didn't want to know her opinion. The people in the photo also got hate which didn't sit right with her. However, she decided to stand by her opinions and kept the photo online, not bowing down to the pressures.

Her Love Story

Shweta Tripathi's love with the beau Chaitanya Sharma is truly magical and heartwarming. Their story started after performing on a stage show and flying to Mumbai from Delhi. At 5 am, when everyone was sleeping, these two couldn't sleep and struck up a conversation with one another. That's how it started, and the closeness between them kept on increasing until it turned to love.

When it came to proposing to one another, each had a different way they wanted the question to be asked. Shweta wanted to be asked the question in an amusement park, and Chaitanya wanted to propose in front of the family. He decided to do it both ways by asking the question on a rollercoaster ride.

The second proposal was made when he tricked her into going to a club and told her he was performing. However, the whole family was there; he once got on his knees to ask for her hand.

It's truly adorable and makes us once again believe in love.

Transitioning From Disney Star to Realistic Acting

If you see Shweta acting early in her career, it was quite in your face compared to her more recent work. It was something she realized when auditioning for an advertisement. She had to act like someone who wanted to go to the washroom and was overdoing the bit. When Shweta saw the ad, it was much more subtle than what she pitched it at. She realized that her acting style was good for her tv show, but she had to learn the nuance of acting.

Shweta Tripathi is one of the top character actresses in Bollywood and the digital scene. She has quickly grown on us by her performances in Mirzapur and Masaan. We, like other people, cannot wait to see what new avatar she dawns and surprises us all.


06 July 1985 New Delhi, India

Active Years

1985 - Today

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