Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz Gill

Model, Actress, Singer

Fondly called Sana, is a beautiful actress, model, and singer. She became famous when she appeared in the show Bigg Boss Season 13. Sana is all fun and frolic and has her inner child alive in her. This is what is most attractive about her.

Separated from Her Family

Shehnaaz has always wanted to make her career in the showbiz industry & be an actress and singer. But her family didn’t think much of the people in the industry. She stood firmly for her dreams and started working in the industry against their wishes. Her shoot used to finish late at night, and there wouldn’t be anyone to accompany her on her way back to her home. Things like this were not acceptable to her family, and so they forced her to get married. Sana felt she wasn’t ready to handle the responsibilities of her in-laws and genuinely wanted to make a name in the industry. So, to escape all the quarrels, she moved out and started living separately.

Tragic Love Story

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill had a boyfriend in Chandigarh with whom she was in a live-in relationship for over two years. He had a very loving and caring nature towards her, and that attracted her towards him. But the relationship turned sour when he got into drugs. Shehnaaz tried to help him control his drug addiction but to no avail. It took a toll on her health when she was crying for him day & night. She walked out of the relationship. After some time, she heard that he had moved on and got married, and the news shattered her.

The Infamous Controversy

In January 2019, Himanshi Khurana’s song I Like It came out on which Shehnaaz made a negative remark in public. She also made comments on her weight & a bit about her parents. This wasn’t taken well by the famous singer Himanshi, and she broke her silence when her parents were dragged in the comments. She questioned Sana’s character and leaked some of her photos. She got her hand on those photos from Sana’s friend and her make-up artist Rajan Passi. She also got recordings from him, and Sana felt cheated. Sana tried to reason by telling her it was all in jest, but Himanshi felt ridiculed. Himanshi went on to say that people have a lot of dirty stuff on Sana in their phones, and she has been making her way in the industry by sleeping with men. She also called her a pig and a low-standard model. Sana said they were trying to make her seem poor, and the entire controversy taxed her mental health. She also stopped getting work in the Punjab industry.

They both made up with each other when they appeared on the Bigg Boss Season 13 show together.

Punjab ki Katrina Kaif

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill then entered the Bigg Boss house. In the show, Sana was the queen of entertainment. She was called “Punjab ki Katrina Kaif” by Salman. Sana was also called a flipper, overacting ki dukaan and fake cuteness by her fellow contestants. She was among the most natural and original people in the house and tried to keep herself entertained by talking to people and even crows. She also made a close relationship with the late Sidharth Shukla which continued even after the show. The show made her everyone’s favourite, and she received a lot of love from the audience. Even her family felt proud of her and accepted her again. She was the second runner-up on the show.

Selective With Work

Shehnaaz feels that people in the industry are made to feel small by calling them second lead actresses. To her, there's no small or big artist, and she has resolved to prove that with her work. She’s very patient & selective when it comes to work by always keeping quality over quantity. She wants to accomplish herself as a quintessential actress, showing everyone that she can do any role.

She also wants to push her singing career forward by doing singles and becoming a good playback singer.

Tragedy 2 in Love Life

Sana was close to Sidharth, and both were dating each other. There were even rumors of them getting engaged during the shoots of the movie Honsla Rakh. Their families were planning for a wedding this December when Shukla died of a heart attack. Since then, Sana has been trying to keep herself together, and she’s receiving tons of support from her family & fans.

Sana is the actress who made everyone laugh & cry with her on the BB show. The show made her name, and the actress since then has made sure to keep that love intact. Her chulbula nature and carefree, child-like laughter are infectious. She has the spark to be something her charisma will take her far ahead in life- this was the compliment she got from Salman on the show. Her recent blockbuster movie is Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. You can watch all Shenaaz Gill movies on ZEE5.


27 October 1993 (age28) Beas, Amritsar, India

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1993 - Today

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