Ranbir Kapoor


An Effortless Performer

In this generation of actors, if anyone is on the top, it is Ranbir Kapoor. He is the most followed actor in the country, known for his effortless acting and chocolate boy looks. Kapoor has managed to create his own identity by making movies that speak to the millennial generation. This actor is considered the perfect talent who needs the right push to attain a new level of stardom.

His Experience on Black

Ranbir Kapoor started his journey into the film industry when he worked as Assistant Director in Black. Kapoor called it his film school, where he got to experience what it takes to make a film. Kapoor was pushed to the brink of his limits working odd jobs and being abused by Bhansali regularly. He called this experience one of the most formative times of his life.

Did you know that he worked with the child actor who played the young version of Rani's character? He used to be her Acting coach, taught her how to perform on screen and do complex scenes.

Extremely Mischievous

As Neetu Kapoor puts it, he was quite a naughty fellow who created many headaches and embarrassment for us. He used to break whatever toy they got him and tested the patience of everyone around them. Once they were in New York, and he pulled a fire alarm causing all kinds of fuss. Neetu Ji just got tired of his shetanias and just locked him up in the room. The adult Ranbir Kapoor got much calmer as he became an adult. We can't even imagine that version of him, and that makes us more curious about him.

A Story of Father and Sons

The Kapoor family has had a long line of cold father-son relationships from Prithviraj to Rishi Kapoor. Each of them maintained a sense of distance and lack of emotion with their sons. The reasons behind this could be a generational habit, or it is to make their son prosper. In many interviews, Ranbir said that his late father would never praise him and stay out of his work. He sees this as his father pushing him to work hard and not praising him for the sake of it.

So was his father not emotionally involved ?? Quite the opposite when 3 Idiots was being cast, Rishi Kapoor begged Rajkumar Hirani to take Ranbir. He was highly protective of his son's career and even blamed the directors of Ranbir's failed movies. He had tears of joy when he saw the Sanju trailer. Perhaps Rishi Sir, like his father Raj Kapoor, didn't quite know how to show their emotions. Ranbir Kapoor, however, wants to break the cycle and be a more expressive father with his son/daughter.

Acting As A Profession

In today's time, if you're a star kid, one is quite aware of the idea of being a star. It is thrust upon you, but Ranbir Kapoor realized the idea that he could be a star very late. As he recalls, Kapoor and his friend had gotten abysmal scores in exams. They were both terrified to go and tell their parents of the results. When they were dejected, his friend made a quip saying; you can become an actor, but what about me. This was the first time Kapoor realized that he could do acting professionally, and it was a possibility.

Not a Gentleman On The Football Field

Ranbir Kapoor says he truly loves only two things in life: Cinema and Life. He has used his immense wealth to have his professional football Mumbai City FC. On the weekends, he likes to have a football match, and it can get quite intense. Abuses, Shouting, and screaming on the field are all okay in the heat of a game. Ranbir feels conscious of Kapoor women in the area, ensuring that they don't come to his match.

Ranbir Kapoor is so talented that he's one of the Industry kids who has evaded criticism. In today's climate, that is the biggest compliment one can give to a star. It's been three years since the release of Sanju, and we're all desperate to watch him back on the big screen. Ranbir Kapoor is the actor that lives up to the legacy of the words RK.


28 September 1982 (age39) Mumbai, Maharashtra

Active Years

1982 - Today
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