Neha Sharma

Actress and Model

Hot and Stunning Actress

Neha Sharma is the hot and stunning actress whose Instagram makes us forget our stress in life. Born in a small town in Bihar, she has managed to map her way into success in Bollywood. From her stylish fashion choices to her extremely gym perfect body, all have a serious crush on her.

Political Connections

Neha comes from the small town of Bhagalpur, Bihar and her father is a politician. While her dreams have always been fashion and acting as a great daughter, she has supported him. When Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 happened, Neha went on the campaign rally through the streets. She called herself the daughter of Bhagalpur, and with her efforts, his father won the third time in a row.

Is politics something we can see Neha get into.? She politely said that she was not interested in politics, but she was politically aware. That’s the safe distance she would like to keep and instead focus on her career.

Her Strategy To Be Successful

When Neha first started, she went into the south industry and had great success there. At the time, most people were heading towards Bollywood to act, and she got an early breakthrough. She believes that talent and hard work can only get you so far.

According to her, one has to have proof of your success by your Box office. She wants to balance being marketable and also do some wonderful performances that blow people away. Neha Sharma doesn’t want to be just seen as a girl who appears in songs and dances around.

Hard-hitting Short Story On Harassment

While you might equate Neha to her more glamorous avatar, she has also done more serious work. There is a short story she starred in called Vikalp. It is directed by Dheeraj Jindal.

A small-town girl with many aspirations has moved to a metro city to fulfil her dreams. Now, what if she needs to choose between justice and her dreams?

We won’t tell you more about what happens in this story and avoid any spoilers. It is best to watch without any prior information and no distractions in sight.

However, we can say that Neha’s performance, in short, is brilliant and makes us feel every emotion if you’re someone who has suffered from this kind of incident. It might be extremely triggering for you.

Queen of Music Videos

Recently, the trend of music videos has gotten bigger, and Neha Sharma has been at the forefront of it. She’s starred in Punjabi music videos like Lambo Car, Dil Todan Walya nu, and GALIB.

She’s also starred in Hindi music videos like-Thoda Thoda Pyaar, Dheeme Dheeme,  etc.

Dating Rumours

A girl of this beauty and talent is bound to have a lot of dating rumours surrounding her. She has been linked up with the South Telugu Superstar Ram Charan and Jackky Bhagnani for now. Both stars have denied all the rumours and that nothing is going on. Let’s hope Neha gets a good guy in her life, and all her fans can celebrate their true love story.

Fashionista At Heart

Neha Sharma is not just a fake fashionista like many celebs are in the industry. She has pursued fashion designing from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). From childhood, she’s had a passion for fashion and modelling. Neha has always known that she was meant for the limelight, in front or behind the stage.

How She Overcame Asthma?

For a lot of her childhood, she used to say extremely weak and unhealthy due to asthma problems. This was a big hindrance if she wanted to be a star and overcame it with a healthy lifestyle. She started doing Yoga, exercise and adopted a controlled diet. It is truly an inspiring story and showcases why one should focus on health.

Neha Sharma is the ultimate queen of Social media and lives in our brains rent-free. Sharma has managed to stay relevant and successful for more than a decade since her debut, and that is a staggering achievement. She is a girl boss who every struggling actress looks upto or is just jealous of. She has no time for the haters as she balances being a social media personality with a growing acting career.



21 November 1987 (age33) Bhagalpur, Bihar, India

Active Years

1987 - Today
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