A Tara of the South Film Industry

She is the tara of all of the South Film Industry and we can’t stop staring at this beauty. Nayanthara is one of the highest paid and admired Indian celebrities. She started at an early age as a model and was discovered by Director Sathyan Anthikad in a newspaper advertisement. Since her debut Nayanthara has been on a mission to conquer all of Indian cinema.

Incredible Dedication

The reason why Nayanthara has managed to achieve success like no other actress  is all due to her work ethic. In one instance she was shooting for the film Aegan when the director of Satyam film called her up with a simple request. He requested her to shoot for additional footage for a crucial moment in the climax scene. Even though all of her required work was done she decided to travel about 10 hours to the sets of Satyam.

Nayanthara even did her own makeup while sitting in the car to save time. She shot the required scene and immediately rushed back to the set of Aegan to continue shooting. This level of dedication to work is truly awe inspiring and makes us want to work even harder.

Confusion Regarding Her Religion

The name Nayanthara has proved to create a lot of confusion among the fans and media in general. Her actual background is Malayali Christian and her real name is Diana Mariam Kurian. The name Nayanthara was a stage name she had adopted for herself but in 2011 it became her official name.

The story behind it is that she and Prabhu Deva wanted to get married but he was Hindu. To resolve this issue she went to an Arya Samaj Mandir and transitioned into Hinduism following all the traditions.

Broke Barriers

The South film industry is known to be heavily dominated by male superstars that have amassed a massive following. Very few actresses have managed to break through this barrier and gain even similar fan following. Nayanthara definitely comes into the selected list of stars and here are some reasons:

Pay Parity

Nayanthara gets paid about 3-5 crore rupees per film and doesn’t take anything less than that. Even if the project is with a big actor or producers she doesn’t negotiate.

Female Centric Roles

While she has acted with the biggest superstars there is in the country, lately she has been doing solo lead movies. Films like Anaamika, Maya and Dora have showcased her incredible range as an actress leaving everyone spellbound.

Being At The Top of Each Industry

One of the reasons Nayanthara stands out of all the actresses is due to her wide encompassing success in every language. Many of them find either one or other industry where they are accepted but that is not the case with her. She has not only been successful but has managed to get nominated for a filmfare in different languages.

Secret Admirer for Nayanthara

When Katrina Kaif first met Nayanthara for the #ItsKayToBeYou ad shoot, she was completely blown away by her. Kaif was blown away by her beauty and how hard she works. Katrina hasn’t stopped singing praises about her and even felt like she was a mirror image of her. It looks like there is an opportunity for both of these two to be bffs. We won’t mind seeing both of these actors in a film together.

She's Been An Anchor

Did you know Nayanthara was also an anchor in her early days? That’s right you can go on Youtube and watch her videos right now. The most striking aspect of the old clips is how unrecognizable she looks. We still can’t believe we’re looking at Nayanthara.

The Influence of Her Father

Nayanthara’s biggest role model in life has been her father. He is an ex Indian Air force officer and is known for his extreme discipline and generosity. While Nayanthara doesn’t like to talk about her personal life, she couldn’t hold back tears talking about her father’s health situation. He has been sick for years and had to be hospitalized due to worsening conditions. We hope that his father heals quickly and comes back stronger than ever.

She is an actress that’s close to our hearts and is the reason we go out to see movies. Nayanthara is ambitious, hardworking and graceful. Even though she’s had many personal troubles that were blown up on a public stage, she maintains her dignity through it. She’s about to make her Bollywood debut with King Khan and about to be Married.



18 November 1984 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Active Years

1984 - Today
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