Namit Das

Actor and Singer

One of those faces that has been around for years but hasn't gained much prominence. However, if you see him in any movie or tv show, there is an air of respectability. He is one of the talented actors that is having a huge resurgence on the OTT platform. Get ready because Namit Das is a name that is on the trajectory of great fame.

Learned New Skills for A Suitable Boy

Both Namit and Daniel Day-Lewis share one thing except being actors (duh): how to cobble shoes. For his role of being a shoe businessman in a Suitable Man, Namit spent about eight days learning the craft. He got to experience the process of shoemaking, from crafting the leather to fixing the sole of a shoe. It might seem overkill, but for actors, it can help them put themselves in the character's mindset.

Sumit Sambhal Lega Marriage

We all remember the days when Namit Das was the hilarious Sumit in Sumit Sambhal Lega. Being the lead on any big show or movie can be a mixed-bag affair. You are directly responsible for the success and failure of the project. It's your name on the poster; subsequently, all the eyes are also on you.

Namit had to learn this the hard way when he had to be back on set after two days of marriage. I'm sure Shruti Vyas understands this dilemma, considering they are from the same profession. Considering they are both married to each other, everything worked out in the end.


If one had to label Namit and put him in a box, he is an artist. He is fluid like any creative person is never quite happy with what they are doing. They are curious, wanderers in life not quite happy with their toys and always peeking behind the curtain. He can sing, compose music, act, write, cobble shoes, and the list goes on. Das is not restless for fame but hungry for being creative.

Underrated and Underutilized

When one says, Bollywood lacks creativity and cannot be changed. We say it probably can't until actors like Namit Das remain on the sidelines. This has been felt throughout the industry in the past few years. It is why Das is having a resurgence on OTT platforms playing a wide variety of characters. He's now thinking even beyond Bollywood and wants to play parts in Hollywood. It seems to be the new trend of character actors getting more recognition in foreign media than in India.

Namit Das and Shruti Vyas Cute Love Story

Both Namit and Shruti met each other about ten years during their theatre days. Both Sumeet Vyas and Shivani Tanksale were directing a play, and Namit used to hang out a lot with them. Fates intertwined, and he met Sumeet Vyas's sister Shruti Vyas. The play that was happening back then wasn't particularly the most conducive for romance either. It was the Hindi version of Wizard Of OZ, and he played the scared lion in it.

What is the secret to their stability of marriage and keeping things fresh?

Namit's reply: "I think there is a third thing which is more important. And that is the stubbornness to be with each other. When one does things for the other, is when you understand where you want to take this relationship. Most people in our generation forget that. They keep focussing on what the other person has to offer and that's where they falter."

Her Mother's Break-in Sui Dhaga

Yamini Das, at the age of 54, made her debut in the movie Sui Dhaga. According to Namit, she had that acting bug her whole life but didn't foresee it as a profession. However, we're glad she decided to go for it because her performance was extraordinary in it. She was widely praised for it also and managed to get nominated for best-supporting actress. Once again proving that age is just a number in front of dreams.

Namit Das, beyond all his talents, is just a good human being who has deep empathy for people. He is as ambitious as anyone in the industry but wants to reach there in his way. The name is an actor that we can't wait to see in more projects.


10 July 1984 (age37) Delhi, India

Active Years

1984 - Today
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