Jacqueline Fernandez

Actress, Model, Restaurateur

A Magnetic Girl

Jacqueline is considered to be one of the pleasant and magnetic personalities in Bollywood. She managed to charm just about all of India, and her dance moves have gotten everyone grooving in the nightclubs. Fernandez lives her life large, and her fandom continues to grow by the day.

Pole Dancing Fitness Routine

It is no secret that she is incredibly athletic and has a street dancer background that shows in her choreography. For the song Chandralekha in the movie A Gentlemen, she learned the art of pole dancing. A special instructor flew into Miami for this song, and while initially there was hesitation about it, Jacqueline ended up loving it. It was an amazing experience and improved her overall upper body strength. Nowadays, she regularly practices the art of Pole dancing as a fitness routine.

Her Lack of Indianness

She is one of the most beloved artists in the Industry. However, initially, it was never that easy for her to be accepted by Bollywood. When she was trying to crack into the Industry, many talent agencies told her name was an issue. They commented on the lack of Indian-ness in her and considered her to change it to Muskaan.

Many commented on her lack of darker eyebrows, and one person told her to change her nose. Even when Jacqueline Fernandez wanted to be part of the Diwali Festivals, many commented on why she wore a sari. It is too Indian, and you are the opposite of it.

In many, this casual racism and sexism quite infuriated her, but she never bowed down to their comments. Always living her life on her terms, and today she is one of the leading personalities.

Her Connection To a 200 Crore Money Laundering Case!

The Enforcement Directorate is currently investigating a massive scam masterminded by conman Sukesh Chandrasekar. He is accused of cheating the family Ranbaxy fame, Shivinder Singh and Malvinder Singh, of ₹ 200 crores. Jacqueline has been linked to this case due to her connection to the conman's wife, Leela Paul.

It is being reported that Sukesh was in active contact with the actress through multiple calls and messages. It has raised many questions in the investigator's mind, and they want answers from the actress. She answered some of their questions in the first interrogation. However, she didn't show up to the office, further raising suspicions.

How much truth or fiction there is to these allegations are yet to be figured out. Her fans would have to wait for the final verdict, and the best we can say is innocent till proven guilty.

She Matches Beauty With Brains

Jacqueline Fernandez is extremely well-read and has an impressive academic background. She managed to win a scholarship to go and study in Australia. Fernandez is an expert linguist and has a keen interest in a foreign culture.

Did you know that she used to be a reporter in Sri Lanka!

She actively remembers those days feeling like a detective, and her second choice of profession would have been being a journalist.

Her Connection With Salman Bhai

Jacqueline Fernandez has frequently commented about how much Salman has impacted her career. For the first five years of her Bollywood career, she didn't have many offers coming in. When Sajid Nadiadwala and Salman Khan gave her the female lead in the movie Kick. Immediately after the film's smashing success, it led to a flood of movie offers and whole new stardom.

Jacqueline felt appreciative about the opportunity and had a relationship where she could trust him blindly. Salman constantly gives her advice on what films to be part of and the role choices she should partake in.

How Jacqueline Found Herself Through The Fashion Choices

Initially, when she joined the fashion world and used to walk through the red carpet, there were always some criticisms about the clothes she wore, and she went through a period of experimentation. She tried to look grungy, girly, punk or bohemian. Eventually, Jacqueline realised that it didn't represent her and started wearing clothes that she was comfortable in. She was highly inspired by Sonam's fashion choices and found a kindred spirit.

Jacqueline Fernandez has a relatable girl next door vibe to her and, at the same time, dead drop gorgeous. With more than six films to be released with the country's biggest actors and top production houses. The future looks bright for her.


11 July 1985 Manama, Bahrain

Active Years

1985 - Today
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