Hrithik Roshan

Actor, Entrepreneur

A Man With A Complete Package

Hrithik Rakesh Nagrath, aka Hrithik Roshan, is an impeccable actor who has done exceptional work in various films. The actor is a heartthrob due to his looks and killer dance moves. The man is a complete package if you count his singing skills, such as in Senorita and Kites in the Sky.

Grandma Named Him Duggu

The actor is fondly called Duggu by his family and friends. His grandmother gave him this nickname to rhyme it with his father’s nickname Guddu.

The First Paycheck Was of Hundred Bucks

Belonging to a family where everyone’s in the film and music industry, he came on screen first as a child actor. When he was six, his grandfather gave him a part in the movie Aasha, and he earned a hundred bucks for his work. Hrithik took no time in spending the money to buy hot wheels cars.

Got Bullied As A Kid

Hrithik Roshan developed the problem of stammering when he was six. Telling about the condition, the actor calls it nothing short of hell. He says that all his hair from head to toe would stand, and he used to feel extremely nervous because people used to look at him funny. One moment he was talking fluently, and suddenly he would stop, and he didn’t know why.

Hrithik said that other children at school used to be mean to him and make fun of him. Speaking in front of people was dreadful. Whenever oral tests and viva were conducted in the school, he bunked it by either falling sick, getting a sprain, or falling from somewhere.

Always Wanted To Work in Films

Hrithik Roshan had always wanted to become an actor owing to his background. He even dropped his studies and started working with his family to learn every bit of filmmaking. He worked as an assistant director with his father and worked in many films such as Karan Arjun and Khudgarz. While working on the sets, he was made to sweep the floors and serve tea & refreshments to the team.

Through all of this, Hrithik remained focused on learning the art of filmmaking to become an actor.

Dealing With The Stutter

For his stammering, Hrithik approached speech therapists and doctors. He would practice for thirty-six hours to tell his cook what to cook for dinner! That and his resolve to speak fluently helped him a lot.

If you ever noticed, you would know that he gives his speeches in Hinglish and a lot of filler sounds. That is to help him speak fluently with whatever words his brain can come up with. He had also shared an incident when he was in Dubai for the award of Best Debut actor. He wanted to add “I love you, Dubai” in his speech, and he couldn’t say Dubai.

Hrithik Roshan wanted to practice the phrase, and for that, he had to shout “Dubai,” which he couldn’t do in his hotel room as people outside could overhear. So he went into the bathroom and tried, but people were still able to overhear. In the end, he went into the cupboard in the bathroom and practiced saying the phrase fluently.

Abnormality Advised Not To Be An Actor

When Hrithik was 21, he had scoliosis, i.e., a curved spinal cord. Due to this, the actor was advised not to pursue acting for his career as it could cause a lot of stress on his spine and cause paralysis. But Hrithik chose to work for what he had always dreamt of. With that resolve, he worked on other things as well apart from his speech.

He was skinny at the time; therefore, he got into bodybuilding to look like the handsome hunk he is now. Bodybuilding made him a fitness freak, and he became health conscious. He even quit smoking by reading a book on quitting smoking. He also got trained for dancing.

In the following years, more abnormalities followed him. He had a bad knee problem in 2011 that made his knees extremely brittle. He was told that he could never dance again, but then again, the actor continues to wow us all with his moves against all odds.

In 2013, he was diagnosed with hematoma, localized internal bleeding in his brain. The actor went under the blade when the numbers favored the risks of the surgery and even death.

The Hardworker

Hrithik Roshan is a passionate actor and, therefore, a perfectionist. For each role, he makes sure that he prepares adequately and performs his best. Over the zigzag career graph of the actor, we’ve seen him doing colorful parts, and he has worked through all of them gracefully.

For example, for his memorable role in Guzaarish, Hrithik had spent hours with twenty paralysis patients to learn their behavior & mannerism. Another, to look his part of a middle-aged man in Super 30, he let go of his abs and physique to gain weight. The actor, to do justice to his roles, always makes the required efforts without any qualms.

Hrithik Roshan is the man who, when he entered the industry, got 30000 marriage proposals from women in the 2000s. To this date, the man continues to rule the hearts of his audience with his impeccable acting, dancing, and charisma.


10 January 1974 (age47) Mumbai, Maharashtra

Active Years

1974 - Today
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