CDC Asks States In US To Prepare For Vaccine Distribution By Early November

Move has sparked fears of the directive being politically motivated.

Sohil Nikam

September 3, 2020

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States has directed health officials in all of its 50 states and five large cities to prepare for the distribution of a Coronavirus vaccine for healthcare workers and other high-risk groups by early November. This is widely being seen as a politically motivated move since the US Presidential election is also scheduled for the same month. These documents were apparently sent out on the same day that President Donald Trump said at the Republican National Convention that a vaccine might arrive before the end of the year.

Some scientists have warned that granting emergency authorization to a vaccine before clinical trials are complete could pose grave safety dangers and also fuel the anti-vaccination sentiment that’s already prevalent in the country. The US Presidential elections are slated to take place on November 3 and will be fought between Trump and Joe Biden. While the former has chosen his current Vice President Mike Pence to be his running mate, the latter has gone with Kamala Harris, who is the first black woman and the first Asian American woman to run for the post.

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