CCTV Footage Of Goons Beating Up A Student In Gonda Goes Viral; Watch

In a shocking incident, three goons brutally beat up a student over a road-rage incident in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. The video has gone viral.

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January 29, 2021

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A video of a bunch of goons beating up a young student in the Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh has gone viral. In what is said to be a shocking video, captured by the CCTV camera set up in front of a shop, a group of goons who arrived in a motorcycle can be seen brutally beating up a student. According to eye witnesses, the quarrel started as their bikes got involved in a minor accident which led to road-rage which further escalated into thrashing of the student.

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In the video, the student who is carrying a school bag can be seen approaching the road on his bike. He is suddenly forced to break to stop as a bike carrying three goons crosses his path. The agitated student slurs at the goons, which provokes them to get off their vehicle and start a commotion. What begins as a heated exchange between the two parties, quickly escalates to a fistfight which leads to the goons brutally attacking the young student.

The goons displace the student off his motorcycle and pull him on to the traffic. The student can be seen being pushed against a moving car on the road and beaten up. Another young boy who tries to stop the thrashing, also falls prey to these goon’s wrath. In what is a shocking incident, many pedestrians can be seen standing baffled by the event.

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The video went viral online, following which the local police filed a case and arrested two people in connection with the incident until now. The police also informed that they are on the lookout for the others involved in the incident.

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