CCTV Camera Captures Shocking Student Kidnapping Incident In Kanpur

The victim was on his way to school to meet his teacher when he was intercepted by the kidnappers, who beat him up and forced him into a car to loot him

Raghav N

February 9, 2021

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A kidnapping of a student in broad daylight from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh was captured on a CCTV camera. The footage shows the young boy walking on the road, when he is waylaid by a group of men, who first beat him and up and then push him into a vehicle before driving off with him. Scared onlookers can be seen standing still with no one coming forward to help the youth. The student was later thrown into the Galla Mandi naala (drain) near the city by the culprits.

Speaking from the hospital where he is currently recovering, the victim said that he was facing threats for money for the last 15-20 days from the kidnappers, who are known to him. He further shared that he was on his way to school to complain to his teacher about the boys who were troubling him but was unfortunately picked up by the perpetrators before that. According to him, there were at least five people involved in the crime.

The Kanpur police spokesperson said that investigations are on in the case and three people have already been identified and will be taken into custody soon.

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