Catch Some Of The Most Emotional Moments Between A Mom And Her Child This Mother’s Day


May 10, 2020

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Rama And Mahima

Today is Mother’s Day and what better way to celebrate it than to take a look at some of the warmest and purest moments that a mother has had with her child in your favourite shows! Take a look. 

When Rama, from Jodi Hakki, discovers that Mahima has lost her parents, he decides to go to her room and console her. He also assures her that he will support her and be there for her no matter what happens. When Mahima starts crying about losing her parents, we see Rama taking the form of a mother while also being a friend of this small child.

Sumathi Talks To Her Lost Child

This is one of the most emotional moments from Bramhagantu when Sumathi begins to talk to a photo frame. She shows all the love and regret that she has to her own child that she has never met. Meanwhile, Lucky sees her and feels the need to hug her when he listens to everything that she says to the photo frame.

Lucky And Sumathi Make Up

Another beautiful moment in the show Bramhagantu is when Sumathi discovers that Lucky is her own son. She apologises and tells him that she would do anything to make up to him. The two share a very warm moment when they forgive each other for everything that has happened in the past.

Sumathi Consoles Lucky

Source: ZEE5

When Lucky is going through very difficult times, Sumathi like every other mother consoles him and tells him that she will always be there to support him. He also tells her how thankful he is for having her in his life. The two have a sentimental moment.

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