Casteism Dominates Eligibility Again In Uttar Pradesh?

Issue of Brahmin insurance raises debate about caste yet again in UP.

Sohil Nikam

August 19, 2020

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Casteism is yet again at the forefront of politics in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh and the debate on the same is raging on. The issue began when BJP MLC, Umesh Dwivedi said that the state government is planning on introducing medical insurance, especially for Brahmins. He, however, retracted on his statement later. Congress leader Jatin Prasada was quick to chime in, saying, “In the state of UP not only poor Brahmins but all Brahmins need insurance because they are not feeling secure and protected.”

Meanwhile, the Samajwadi Party has been seen playing its Brahmin card as well. The party is planning to set up idols of Bhagwan Parashuram in every district of the state to attract the votes of Brahmins who are unhappy with the state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh. Although Brahmins are the prime vote bank of the BJP, their support for the party was seen dwindling after the Vikas Dubey encounter. The political battle is being seen as a precursor to the crucial 2022 Assembly elections in the state.

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