Camila Cabello’s the much-needed retelling of Cinderella is here

Camila Cabello’s latest Cinderella story is as contemporary theme and the fans are going crazy



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Camila Cabello’s most recent screen appearance is at par with the concerns of the day with its portrayal of female ambition. The Cinderella of today is now Ella and she is not your regular damsel in distress. She has ambition and dreams of becoming a grand dressmaker. This latest Cinderella story is as contemporary in theme and concern as it goes! Taking to Instagram the singer shared a video clip of the film and wrote, “it’s official thank you for making #CinderellaMovie the #1 Streaming Movie on all platforms!!”.

The basic structure of the story remains the same with the old characters. The highlights of the exotic ball, the glass shoe, the charming prince are present in their usual setting but other than that, the whole tale has been rewritten. Kay Cannon, the Director has revisited the women of the tale endowed them with ambition and a strong voice. They cannot be easily snubbed now.

Like the old fairy tale, Ella too is stuck in an old-fashioned kingdom. She does household chores for her stepmother and sisters by the day, and makes beautiful dresses by the candlelight after the day is over. She dreams of a better life but her way out of her present is not to ride away with the prince. She wants to be the one riding the horse. She goes to the ball not to fall in love with the prince but instead ends up being annoyed about such an outdated tradition. But then love happens when she isn’t even looking for it.

Re-telling and much more

Yet, it is only a part of the plot and not the main theme of it. In addition, the female characters have been revealed to have their own back stories. For instance, Vivian, the stepmother (played by Idina Menzel) is humanised as her cruelty is now justified with a humane reason and back story. This version of the Cinderella story speaks volumes about the awareness that today’s society seeks regarding equal opportunities for women.

Apart from the thematic concerns and the retelling, Camilla Cabello is receiving numerous praises for her newly revealed acting skills. This romantic musical is now streaming on Amazon Prime. It marks singer Camila Cabello’s acting debut, alongside Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan. It is a jukebox musical, featuring several original songs and other popular hit numbers.


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